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Bento (No.62)


Family bentos!! All on one post though because they are similar.


Wraps (ham salad) with side nibbles, fruit, olives in a pot and malt loaf 🙂


Slightly different with side snacks of popcorn and nuts too!

The three bentos in the first picture were for my dad, brother and the boyfriend 🙂 lucky them!!

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Christmas Bento! (No.14)

5 days ’til Christmas!! Who’s excited?

I am!! So excited in fact, that I may have made a super Christmas Bento today!



I can’t wait!! To bake some more!! 😀 yay!

Hope everyone’s pre-christmas is going fantastic 🙂

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More baking! As well as the cakes I made at the weekend, I made cookies!


I made two flavours 🙂 both of which I will be making a lot more of over the coming christmas period 🙂 I made apple shortbread and chocolate peppermint shortbread.


– Basic shortbread (family recipe – no can tell!) – any cookie mix or shortbread mix will work (my shortbread had no eggs)

– Add peppermint hot chocolate to the choccy peppermint ones

– Add apple flavouring to the apple shortbread ones 🙂 (I used apple powdered tea that I got from turkey  aaaages ago)

I know I said I’d post a recipe that I can tell you, well, shortbread is so simple, this counts!!

Feeling hungry now? 😉

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Understanding Meatless Mondays

I am not a vegetarian. But yet, I do not understand why there are so many people (in the blog world) that go on about striving to participate in ‘Meatless Mondays.’ Who eats meat everyday?? Have you seen the price of meat! Maybe the ‘Meatless Monday‘ thing is not so prevalent in the UK, but I really cannot understand how people can afford to eat meat everyday.

Maybe it is because I am picky, or I like experimenting with new foods and recipes, but i can’t get my little head to comprehend it. I guess my Monday should be a ‘Must-Have Meat Monday‘, lol.


What are peoples opinions on this, I’m stumped?

New Page

I made a new page!!

It’s called the Food Bucket List, as it is a list of a few of the recipes that I would like to try out in the near future. If you have any suggestions fro my list, just head over to the page and comment 🙂

Woohooo, speak soon x

New Layout

Hi everyone.

Just had a quick play around with the Layouts and Themes as I didn’t really like my old one. What do you think? A lot cleaner and easier to read 🙂 Will work on a background image to make it prettier 😀


Seriously though, please tell me what you think of it 🙂




I”m off on holiday tomorrow!! 😀 Lanzarote with a great bunch of friends 🙂

I can’t wait for the sun, sea and sand (especially as it has been pouring hard here for the last week D:)

I’m a bit wary, however, of the food over there. I have been having some digestive issues lately (probably due to my lack of gallbladder) and I really don’ want to be uncomfortable (or hungry) for a week in a foreign country :S Oh well, I guess I’ll wing it, I can;t very well get my gallbladder back before then 😛

Anyway, on another happy note, my Blog views have been really consistent over the past week (which is amazing for me) and I want to say thank you to all you people that take time to have a look at this corner of the internet 🙂

See you after holiday!! x

Scrumptious Bento are having a giveaway!!

Scrumptious Bento are having a giveaway!! Get on over and be in for a chance to win another cute bento box :D!!

The saviour that is Pasta salad.

The saviour that is Pasta salad.

Ever left the shopping for too long? Ever had no bread to make sandwiches, no wraps, no meat, no crackers and the need to make lunchboxes for two adults??
In the fridge is one portion of pasta, either plain or tomato, enough for one person. But you have to feed two, and you are damned if you are going to allow one person to buy lunch today, stingy as you are.
Whats this? There is also some salad in the fridge. Just a small amount of cucumber, radishes, pepper and maybe a little bit of cheese, maybe even feta. Oh and luck has it, you were given a pot of olives for a belated birthday present the other day.
You can make the lunch boxes! You can split the pasta and use the salad ingredients to create the most gorgeous mediterranean pasta salad!!
I love pasta salad, and it truly is the saviour of all lunchboxes in all situations.

Vegetable Plot

I missed a week!! That is terrible of me! I was rather busy with work, training and bank holiday planning, I was too rushed to post anything. I don’t think I made any interesting recipes either :S *wrist slap*

Anyway, the point of this post is my vegetable plot…everyone needs one.

I have a vegetable plot. I can’t believe that this wasn’t my first post. I am so proud of it. I started it in February and, despite my amateurishness at gardening, vegetable plotting and general plant cultivation, I have had some amazing successes.

Ok, I havent weeded as much as I should have done. I didn’t grow many plants that were difficult to grow, but the ones I did grow are edible!!!
For anyone thinking about starting a vegetable plot, grow onions!!! and garlic!! They literally grow themselves. Put them in the ground, come back six months later, ta da!!! I have tried some of my onions and garlic, they are so good!! If I do say so myself!!
Beetroot is another hardy one. I tried to grow them in pots first, then replant them, but in the end, do to weather issues and such, I just chucked the rest of the seeds in the ground and they shot up!! Much bigger than I expected and so yummy!! I love roasted beetroot, and did you know, you can use the stalk of the leaves of the beetroot (as well as the main bit and the leaves). I couldnt use the leaves of my beetroot because the rabbits had got at them 😦 but the stalks of the leaves made great stir fry additions and yummy kinpira (Japanese style of sautéing vegetables 🙂 It was from kinpira recipes that I realised you could slice and cook the stalk of broccoli too :O so good!!
I also grew spring onions. Pretty easy, but do take a while to get to an edible size though. Really cute, but nowhere near as big as commercial ones, whereas garlic onions and beetroot seem to be as big, if not exceeding the size of supermarket ones 😀
I harvested everything the other weekend, and have devoured the lot (aside from the onions and garlic which have just finished drying).
I pickled my beetroot 😀 and used most of my spring onions in salads and toasted sandwiches 😛 I did manage to grow a whole 2 radishes!! The stupid rabbits got the rest 😦
Anyway, here’s a picture of a few of my home-grown produce 😀
Speak soon