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Bento No.27

Just a quick one. Using my Aladdin Bento Box today as I can reheat it at work 🙂


I have a simple mix of roasted potato and carrots with flaked salmon and tomatoes on top. I’d already had a nibble before I took the photo, so it looks a bit depleted.

I was sophisticated and used chopsticks with my lunch today 🙂 They help slow the pace of eating down and I also pay a lot more attention to my food than if I eat with a fork/spoon.

How do you like your vegetables? Roasted, sautéed, steamed, fried?

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Bento No.26



Yummy ‘mini’ Bento today! I don’t often eat bread, but I fancied a toasted sandwich for breakfast, then couldn’t eat it all!! Silly me!



Today I had the rest of a toasted cheese, ham and tomato sandwich, salmon in filo pastry, cucumber, sugarsnap peas, grapes, and more tomato.

It filled me right up! The smaller Bento boxes are much easier to fill with mainly healthy foods that don;t leave me bloated 😀 wooh!

Who has recently umped on the Bento wagon? I’d love to hear all your Bento ideas and experiences!

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The things I do for love…

I did say I still had things to tell you about the Holiday season! Below is a picture of the presents all of my friends received for Christmas. I’m glad I managed to make nearly all of the Christmas gifts I gave, and I am particularly pleased that these ones tasted so good!


In the red basket/box things are 2 cupcakes:

– one chocolate peppermint (with a red candy button on top);

– one cranberry, apple and walnut (so amazingly tasty! and they used more of the turkish apple tea powder I have),

and 2 cookie sandwiches:

– one plain shortbread sandwiched around apple flavoured butter icing (turkish apple tea powder again);

– one plain shortbread sandwiched around chocolate butter icing.

All my friends loved them all! And so did I!

What edible treats have you made recently?

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Firecracker Rice Yo Sushi Recipe

As promised, here is the recipe for Firecracker Rice from the Yo Sushi Cookbook. It is so good!

Firecracker Rice

Serves 4


3 tablespoons vegetable oil

1 onion, finely chopped

1 carrot, peeled and finely diced

1 red pepper, deseeded and diced

1 yellow pepper, deseeded and diced

2 garlic cloves, crushed

4 tablespoons frozen edamame (details at end of article), cooked for 5 minutes and shelled (you can substitute 4 tablespoons cooked green peas)

1 teaspoon toasted sesame oil

600g cold, cooked rice

4 tablespoons light soy sauce

½ teaspoon freshly ground white pepper

½ teaspoon shichimi togarashi (Japanese seven-spice

chilli powder available in oriental stores)

4 teaspoons spring onions, finely chopped, to garnish


Heat a large wok or non-stick frying pan over a medium heat and add 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil.

Allow the oil to heat up before adding the chopped onion. Stir-fry for two to three minutes, then add the carrot, red and yellow peppers, garlic and edamame (or peas if you have substituted them). Cook for three minutes, then remove the vegetables with a slotted spoon and set aside.

Add the remaining vegetable oil, if required, together with the sesame oil. Add the rice, separating the grains with a wooden spatula so that there are no large lumps, and stir-fry for two to three minutes.

Return the vegetables to the pan, tossing and stirring to mix them thoroughly with the rice. Pour the soy sauce along the edge of the wok or pan, season with the white pepper and shichimi togarashi and stir to mix well.

Remove from the heat, divide the rice into four equal portions, garnish with the chopped spring onion and serve.

YO! Sushi tip

It’s best to use light soy sauce so as not to discolour the vegetables and rice. If you only have the dark variety, you may need to add a pinch of salt.

Edamame are actually green soya beans and are available from Birdseye. They can be found in most leading supermarkets.

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Bento No.25

Another Sistema Lunch Cube for the bf again 🙂 His Bentos are far easier to take photos of as they are quite reasonable portions.


So we have grapes, satsuma, almonds and pretzels and a sweetie treat for the ‘side dishes.’


And for the main, we have leftover Firecracker Rice 🙂 it is so yummy!! I’ll post a recipe next. I also filled a small yellow pepper with the rice to add a bit of style to the dish 😛 There are also chopped sugarsnap peas.


Here’s it all together 🙂 yummy yummy.

Have you got a favourite quick recipe you go to more often than others?

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Bento No.24



Super compact lunch today! For the bf, along with a flask of hot bean soup.



In the bento is a cheese, ham and salad wrap, small cup of sushi rice with sesame seeds and soy sauce, sugarsnap peas,love hearts, malt loaf, almonds, half a cookie and grapes.

It’s making me hungry looking at that!

Excuse the bad picture. What light is best to take food photos in?

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Snow Day!



We had a Snow day at work today 😀 it was so snowy! And I made a snowman, and a snow angel and snow hand-prints 🙂 I feel like a kid again!


Yes we do work, honest! We were just clearing the car park and playing…


Look, the snowman is waving 😛




Hello 🙂


Before he received his face, almost invisible!


Snow Angel! I got such a cold bum!!


And a cold head as a matter of fact 😛

I love the snow!

Do you?

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Bento No.23


Yummy yummy yummy yummy fajitas!


So today, I had a fajita, filled with chicken and peppers, cooked in fajita spices, with sour cream, salsa and a little bit of grated cheese. There are a few almonds in the small blue pot.


In the other half of the Sistema Lunch cube is sliced cucumber (with more sour cream and salsa to dip in the small green pot), satsuma, grapes, blueberry muffin and malt loaf.

A bit too much but I did space it out and eat slowly 🙂

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Bento No.22


Happy Snow Day UK! It’s snowing 🙂 yay!

I was so happy with yesterdays Bento and how perfect the portion size was for me after a fast, I decided to use the same portion size for today too!
IMG00167I have sushi rice with black sesame seeds and a soy sauce fish, sugar snap peas standing up in taramasalata (again), grapes with cheese, smoked and wasabi almonds and half a cookie, a single raspberry ruffle and a mini packet of love hearts.

What a perfect lunch. A bit on the sweet side, but I do normally overdo it on the veg side of things usually.

Hows the weather where you are?


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Bento No.21

I feel so much better for packing this size lunch today! I said yesterday that I feel bloated the day after a fast, so I took the steps to prevent that today and had a smaller lunch 😀 It was packed in my Hello Kitty lunchbox, which is almost half the size of the Sistema Lunch Cube.


Today for lunch, I had sushi rice, sprinkled with Japanese 7 spice, black sesame seeds and there is a small smear of wasabi on it too (soy sauce fish is next to the rice). I also had diced pan choi and sugar snap peas with taramasalata on top (bottom left), satsuma and grapes, with a few almonds tucked down the side. In the little green lidded box I had placed some treats for after lunch, which included a few pink smarties and a small sweetie bracelet.

Currently I do not feel bloated, even though I’ve had a couple of biscuits too!

Success I feel!

What things do you do to prevent or reduce bloating? (if you get it)

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