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I”m off on holiday tomorrow!! 😀 Lanzarote with a great bunch of friends 🙂

I can’t wait for the sun, sea and sand (especially as it has been pouring hard here for the last week D:)

I’m a bit wary, however, of the food over there. I have been having some digestive issues lately (probably due to my lack of gallbladder) and I really don’ want to be uncomfortable (or hungry) for a week in a foreign country :S Oh well, I guess I’ll wing it, I can;t very well get my gallbladder back before then 😛

Anyway, on another happy note, my Blog views have been really consistent over the past week (which is amazing for me) and I want to say thank you to all you people that take time to have a look at this corner of the internet 🙂

See you after holiday!! x


Thursday Bento fun!

I know this post is a bit late, sorry!! I’ve been mucho busy at work D:

Anyways 🙂 You will forgive me when you see my scrumptious bento creations 😀

In Thursdays Bentos, I used Wednesday nights leftovers of sushi rice, steamed veg (with soy sauce and sushi vinegar) and pickled beetroot. I love using leftovers 🙂 makes me happy. And it also allows for the eating of a lighter dinner on the Thursday night (we had miso-noodle soup :D)

First is the bf’s bento. I used his blue MASPRO lunchbox (full review to come later). In the main part (which is perfectly sized for a reasonable amount of food – more akin to a dinner sized portion really), he had sushi rice with steamed veg and pickled beetroot. I also cut up some green peppers for the top part. We are upping the veg at the moment (as less fruit = less sugar) so the more the merrier 😀 He also had some fruit and malt loaf to complete his yummy lunch, lucky him!


I love the colour – nice and bright but not too neon 🙂



There’s more in there than you think, pictures make things smaller :O

For my bento, I used the fabulous Aladdin 0.95L bento box (for the first time!). I have had this bento box since last Christmas (I know, bad me!) and I cant believe it hadn’t even been out of its box!

I had sushi rice in the bottom compartment with furikake and umeboshi (I love them!!), and steamed veg and pickled beetroot. The smaller compartment was filled with cucumber, raspberries (from my garden) and grapes. I love this bento box, I can’t wait to use it for soups and food that can be heated (at work).



Hello feet!!

I will most definitely be using my Aladdin bento box a lot more, and eating a lot more umeboshi 😀

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Umeboshi (Japanese Pickled Plums)

Today is the day I will declare my love for Umeboshi.

Japanese Pickled Plums are amazing, and it is such a shame that I did not try them as soon as I started trying out Japanese recipes and creating bentos.

Umeboshi are Japanese Pickled Ume Plums and the name literally means dried Ume (fruit). They are usually served as side dishes to rice or used as fillings or accompaniments for rice balls. They look very wrinkled and ‘pickled’ 😛 and taste very salty (umeboshi is also translated as salted plums) and quite sour.


Use in Bentos:

As part of a bento (Japanese lunchbox), a single umeboshi is often placed in the centre of the rice to recreate the flag of Japan, the Hinomaru Bento. Umeboshi is claimed to fight bacteria. It is claimed that placing an umeboshi on the rice will inhibit bacteria (umeboshi are over 20% salt and salt acts as a preservative). The sour and salty umeboshi is also claimed to help digestion.

It is also a common ingredient in onigiri, rice balls wrapped in nori, and they may also be used in makizushiMakizushi made with umeboshi may be made with either pitted umeboshi or umeboshi paste (which is cheaper), often in conjunction with slivered fresh green perilla (shiso) leaves.


But back to why I love them 😀

They are just divine with sushi rice. Perfect for bentos (see above) and so good for you!!! They are a superior pickle and a joy to eat. I’m sure a lot of other people will not share my love for Umeboshi but I do urge you to try them. They should be found in most asian supermarkets, or, if you are like me and are miles from the nearest asian supermarket :(, you can order them from the many online sushi, asian and japanese stores.

As you may have guessed, I had some in my lunch today 😀 and they were so good! (Todays bento post to come)

Also, I’d like to tell all you people about a lovely blog that includes most things I love about life in it 🙂 Please visit JustHungry (the link is a post about Umeboshi too!!) 😀

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Scrumptious Bento are having a giveaway!!

Scrumptious Bento are having a giveaway!! Get on over and be in for a chance to win another cute bento box :D!!

First Bento Post!!

I know I have stated in this blog that I am obsessed with Japanese food and Bento, but I have yet to post anything bento-related! This is mostly down to the bentos being eaten before I remember to take a picture of them, or I do not deem them anything spectacular enough to warrant showing off.

However, I remembered to take photos of my not-so-amazing bentos this morning 😀 (go me!). So, in the picture below, we have the bf’s bento. Simple sushi rice with furikake (nori, sesame seed and bonito), little bottle of soy sauce, with a side of tuna and cherry tomatoes (on a little heart pick, which you can;t quite see). He also had other lunchbox items (outside of the bento box) that included a small quinoa salad, for an afternoon snack, Barbecue flavour japanese rice crackers, 2 homemade mini-muffins (with apple and pear in) fruit and a Fluffernutter mini-sandwich (fluffernutter is the name given to the peanut butter and marshmallow fluff sandwich filling).

This bento box (which includes a fork, spoon, food cover and clear lid) was purchased in Paperchase a while ago. We have matching ones 😀Image

The next picture is my bento for today 🙂 Again, it contains the sushi rice with furikake and soy sauce (in a fish!!), tuna, and veg scramble (egg, broccoli and tomato). I am trying to get my protein intake up as I really like fruit and veg, and forget to eat all the protein that I should be :O. I also had a pot with diced apple and pear with plain, low fat, greek yoghurt, banana and a Strip-Cheese 😀

My bento box for today is my Hello Kitty box 😀 (I forgot to take a picture of the lid 😦 The top is pink and it is such a cute sized box.

ImageNow I can officially state that I do make and LOVE bento and I hope this is a start of me remembering to take photos of my delicious creations.

Talking of delicious creations. The lunches today were with yesterdays leftover rice.

Below is my dinner yesterday 🙂 sushi rice, with furikake, cucumber salad, and hotdog octopi! I ate all the hotdogs :O oops!

ImageSpeak soon 🙂 x

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The saviour that is Pasta salad.

The saviour that is Pasta salad.

Ever left the shopping for too long? Ever had no bread to make sandwiches, no wraps, no meat, no crackers and the need to make lunchboxes for two adults??
In the fridge is one portion of pasta, either plain or tomato, enough for one person. But you have to feed two, and you are damned if you are going to allow one person to buy lunch today, stingy as you are.
Whats this? There is also some salad in the fridge. Just a small amount of cucumber, radishes, pepper and maybe a little bit of cheese, maybe even feta. Oh and luck has it, you were given a pot of olives for a belated birthday present the other day.
You can make the lunch boxes! You can split the pasta and use the salad ingredients to create the most gorgeous mediterranean pasta salad!!
I love pasta salad, and it truly is the saviour of all lunchboxes in all situations.