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Bento (No.58)

Bento bento bento!

IMG00338In this bento box here, we have cheese and pepper quesadillas, mixed fruit and nut, a babybel, cherry tomatoes and mixed roasted vegetables. This is not my lunch as it contains a reasonable amount of cheese :S but the person enjoyed it! 😀

I hope everyone’s week is going ok, my courgettes are finally growing!!

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Bento (No.57)

It continues to be lovely and sunny here in the UK (for the most of it) so I’ve been making nice light, summery bentos.

IMG00332In this bento (above) is brown sushi rice (with sushi vinegar), with spring onions on top; diced avocado, cherry tomatoes and more spring onions; mange-tout and two types of tamagoyaki.

The darker one has more soy sauce in the mix, and the lighter one is made with more mirin, so it’s a little sweeter.

I hope everyone has been enjoying whatever weather they have had!

How is the bento/healthy lunch making going over the holidays?

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Egg White Tamagoyaki!

Last week was my birthday, and last week was also my 1 year blogaversary!

So to celebrate, I made myself an egg white tamagoyaki for breakfast!

IMG00357(with fried cherry tomatoes and cottage cheese)

I made it with egg whites as whole eggs were one of my ‘trigger’ foods for my gallbladder. This means if I eat whole eggs now I don’t have a gallbladder, they are uncomfortable to digest. With egg whites however, it’s no problem at all! Yay!

I used 3 egg whites, a little splash of water and soy sauce and a few mixed herbs for the tamagoyaki mix, and cooked it in a small round frying pan. I didn’t used chopsticks to roll it, but a spoon did the trick! I have been practicing!


See? Nice and tamagoyaki-like!

I’m pretty sure this means I can now cross this off my Food Bucket list!!

Have you been trying or practicing making anything new recently?

I’ve been trying new recipes left right and center. I think it’s the summer weather!

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