Understanding Meatless Mondays

I am not a vegetarian. But yet, I do not understand why there are so many people (in the blog world) that go on about striving to participate in ‘Meatless Mondays.’ Who eats meat everyday?? Have you seen the price of meat! Maybe the ‘Meatless Monday‘ thing is not so prevalent in the UK, but I really cannot understand how people can afford to eat meat everyday.

Maybe it is because I am picky, or I like experimenting with new foods and recipes, but i can’t get my little head to comprehend it. I guess my Monday should be a ‘Must-Have Meat Monday‘, lol.


What are peoples opinions on this, I’m stumped?


6 thoughts on “Understanding Meatless Mondays

  1. There are plenty of people who eat meat every day. My husband would be one of them were it not for the fact that I encourage him to eat meatless lunches and dinners a couple of times a week. I am very lucky in that we can afford to eat meat every day – that being said, it’s the more frugal cuts that he eats and I buy in bulk.

    As someone who has been vegetarian, vegan, and omniverous, I know how to cook and how to try new recipes and I understand what I like to eat – . As a former omni, I know I fell into the trap of building dinners around meat… “What’s for dinner?” “Chicken, pork, or beef…” Meatless Mondays is a way to encourage people who have been raised in a culture to build dinner around meat to try new things.

    Overall, I believe that we should eat what makes our bodies feel good, and we should have an understanding of why we’re eating what we’re eating. If Meatless Monday gives people the idea that they can build a meal without meat, great. If it’s not their thing, that’s fine too.

  2. here in Japan its cheaper to eat meat than seafoods or even veggies, specially imported meats from Australia and America are so cheap in here. When budgeting for grocery buying a lot of seafood would be like Christmas day, hihihi

    • It seems to be quite cheap to eat veggies in the UK, maybe it is mainly where you live then. I love seafood, but canned stuff is expensive. I suppose meat and seafood is about the same, weight for weight over here. Interesting to know, thanks!!

  3. Yummy Pinch says:

    We do eat meat in almost every meal (lunch/dinner, never breakfast or snacks), but we don’t use much of it. Our plates are usually Big chunck of starchy foods, big chunck of non-starchy veg and then about 1/4 or 1/5 meat, and always the cheaper ones (including lots of fish, chicken and offal).

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