Gallbladder Removal

Second day back at work, and I honestly have missed it. Being stuck at home was ok, but I do like being busy, is that strange of me?

I had my gallbladder removed just over 2 weeks ago.

It hated me, and I hated it. It caused me immeasurable pain and I had to avoid nearly all food and drinks for fear of setting off an attack. It was like a thief in the night, literally. Many a time I was awoken by a continuous stabbing pain in my right side and unable to continue sleeping through it. It would have been bearable had it been short bursts of pain, but alas, the episodes of pain lasted from between half an hour to over 12 hours.

After a lengthy ‘battle’ with the NHS, my gallbladder removal was finally scheduled for the 22nd of July and was completed with no complications.

I have now returned to work after my recovery period and have begun to enjoy my life (and food) again.

It has been a roller coaster 9 months, but it finally is over. I no longer have to avoid most foods, I can eat what I want! To some people that sounds like I have waited all this time to return to a diet of fast food and I am to throw away all the salads and soups I lived off prior to the op. That is definitely not the case. I can now eat a balanced diet, full of the nutrients I was missing from foods such as nuts and seeds, eggs and meat. I will no longer lack energy and have to struggle to source enough gallbladder-pleasing foods to sustain some form of nutrient intake. I have actually learnt a lot from the restricted diet I was on and will continue to add a lot of the protein and mineral supplements to my future meals (such as flax seed, soy and shelled hemp).

I am pleased to say, after reading all the horror stories about the aftermath of gallbladder removal, I am fine. Not just ‘coping’ fine, I am as near to 100% as I could possibly be without attending the gym. I am the healthiest I have felt in over a year, albeit with 3 small cuts on my abdomen continuing to heal. There has been no bloating, no issues with my liver not being able to assist digesting certain foods, no sickness, no pain (other than the expected after-op pain).

So, cheery second post I know, but it was quite a significant event in my life (as you could guess).

Birthday tomorrow 😀 yay!! I anticipate Bento-related pressies!!


10 thoughts on “Gallbladder Removal

  1. kiisu23 says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your gallbladder horror but judging by the fact you state “NHS”… Are you from the UK?

    • Yes, and I hope I do not have to deal with the NHS again for a while. It would have been a lot easier for me and my family if I’d have gone private to have it sorted out :S oh well, at least I’m healthy now 🙂

      • kiisu23 says:

        Well I’m glad you’re better now 🙂

        I’m dealing with the NHS at the moment and I think I’d be better off if I let monkeys cut me open to see what’s wrong 😦

        But it’s good to speak to a fellow bento fan in the UK 🙂 so very nice to meet you ^.^

      • Thank you 🙂

        Oh, don;t let them cut you open yet, or do invasive things. Even though the NHS are a pain and can take ages, have all the tests that aren’t uncomfortable first. You don’t want any surgery or endoscopies unless you really need to.

        It’s great to meet you too (via web), I’m very surprised to find someone that as is as much into Bento and Japanese culture as I am 😀

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