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Bento (No.61)



A couple of pics of a Bento gone by.
As I have been so busy with my new job (yay me), my bentos have not been interesting. For example, today I had hummus with veggies, corn on the cob and a heinz cuppa soup. I have, however, been making all my family bentos every day for the last 2 weeks….aaaaahh! Thats 5 bentos to make each night, with 5 different food preferences. I’m so happy I have time to do them though 🙂

I will start taking new photos of the bentos because I do think a whole side of bentos looks awesome (including snack bentos).

Speak soon busy bento lovers!!

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Homegrown Vegetables


While I’m waiting for the training at work to subside and to get into a nice routine, here’s a couple of pictures of part of my harvest this year.
Bearing in mind this is the second year I’ve grown vegetables and the pictures show only a very small percentage of my crop, I know I did fantastically 🙂


The top picture is of my first picked cabbage 🙂 the second picture is of beetroot, onion, runner beans and a few tomatoes, and below is some of my potatoes!!


So cute! I can’t wait to grow more stuff next year 😀

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