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Bento (No.62)


Family bentos!! All on one post though because they are similar.


Wraps (ham salad) with side nibbles, fruit, olives in a pot and malt loaf 🙂


Slightly different with side snacks of popcorn and nuts too!

The three bentos in the first picture were for my dad, brother and the boyfriend 🙂 lucky them!!

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Forgive me

I am slightly annoyed with myself for not posting in a while. I say slightly because I have been extremely busy. I want my busy-ness (I wrote it like that on purpose) to include my blog.

Here is a picture of my family dog ickle Brewster (he went in for an op the other day). Cute dogs always mean you forgive me right?

I have been back on track with my running – going to start to train towards 10k soon.
Foodwise has been good, although I normally have soup or leftovers for lunch so no pretty bentos for me. Im still doing my family bentos though 🙂
Ive tried fasting again but (silly excuses) its cold season and, with my digestive system being sensitive anyway, I havent managed to get down to the required 500calories a day on fast days yet.

Well, apart from still having 2 busy jobs, that’s all the updates from me for now!

Speak soon!

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