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Vegetable Plot

I missed a week!! That is terrible of me! I was rather busy with work, training and bank holiday planning, I was too rushed to post anything. I don’t think I made any interesting recipes either :S *wrist slap*

Anyway, the point of this post is my vegetable plot…everyone needs one.

I have a vegetable plot. I can’t believe that this wasn’t my first post. I am so proud of it. I started it in February and, despite my amateurishness at gardening, vegetable plotting and general plant cultivation, I have had some amazing successes.

Ok, I havent weeded as much as I should have done. I didn’t grow many plants that were difficult to grow, but the ones I did grow are edible!!!
For anyone thinking about starting a vegetable plot, grow onions!!! and garlic!! They literally grow themselves. Put them in the ground, come back six months later, ta da!!! I have tried some of my onions and garlic, they are so good!! If I do say so myself!!
Beetroot is another hardy one. I tried to grow them in pots first, then replant them, but in the end, do to weather issues and such, I just chucked the rest of the seeds in the ground and they shot up!! Much bigger than I expected and so yummy!! I love roasted beetroot, and did you know, you can use the stalk of the leaves of the beetroot (as well as the main bit and the leaves). I couldnt use the leaves of my beetroot because the rabbits had got at them 😦 but the stalks of the leaves made great stir fry additions and yummy kinpira (Japanese style of sautΓ©ing vegetables πŸ™‚ It was from kinpira recipes that I realised you could slice and cook the stalk of broccoli too :O so good!!
I also grew spring onions. Pretty easy, but do take a while to get to an edible size though. Really cute, but nowhere near as big as commercial ones, whereas garlic onions and beetroot seem to be as big, if not exceeding the size of supermarket ones πŸ˜€
I harvested everything the other weekend, and have devoured the lot (aside from the onions and garlic which have just finished drying).
I pickled my beetroot πŸ˜€ and used most of my spring onions in salads and toasted sandwiches πŸ˜› I did manage to grow a whole 2 radishes!! The stupid rabbits got the rest 😦
Anyway, here’s a picture of a few of my home-grown produce πŸ˜€
Speak soon

First Recipe!!

Right, I would love to Blog every day, but then I think I’d get addicted to it :S but, at least once a week for now should contain my cravings πŸ˜›

Firstly, My birthday was AMAZING πŸ˜€ I ate loads of sushi, donuts and smoothies and got so many bento and hello kitty related presents πŸ˜€ so exciting!!! I still don’t feel any older than 20 though, 21 doesn’t seem that more interesting yet.

Secondly, FIRST RECIPE!!! I made a super pasta dish the other week and I had to tell you about it.

It was so yummy and healthy(ish)

*Just a quick heads up, I usually make healthy recipes and really enjoy making things from scratch with all fresh ingredients πŸ™‚ yay!

So the recipes is as follows:

Pasta (I used one standard bag that you get in the supermarket) – you could use brown pasta

1 packet of haloumi cheese

2 medium sized onions

2 cloves of garlic

Quorn Chicken style pieces (however much you want

Large handful of chopped frozen veg

Olive oil


Boil the pasta as you would normally, adding the frozen veg to the pasta pot halfway through cooking.

While that was cooking, I chopped the onion and garlic very finely and fried them with a bit of olive oil until the onions were transparent.

I then added the quorn chicken style pieces to the frying pan and cooked them through.

I chopped the haloumi into bite sized thin pieces and added them to the frying pan once the quorn was cooked (as you don’t want it to burn, just get a bit crispy and yummy)

When everything was cooked, I drained the pasta and veg and added the onions, garlic, quorn and haloumi with another small drizzle of olive oil.

Ta da! I then stuffed my face with it, it was so good!!!

Try it, seriously, even if you’re not a veggie (I’m not actually, I just love Quorn :))

Speak soon πŸ˜€

Kasper x

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Gallbladder Removal

Second day back at work, and I honestly have missed it. Being stuck at home was ok, but I do like being busy, is that strange of me?

I had my gallbladder removed just over 2 weeks ago.

It hated me, and I hated it. It caused me immeasurable pain and I had to avoid nearly all food and drinks for fear of setting off an attack. It was like a thief in the night, literally. Many a time I was awoken by a continuous stabbing pain in my right side and unable to continue sleeping through it. It would have been bearable had it been short bursts of pain, but alas, the episodes of pain lasted from between half an hour to over 12 hours.

After a lengthy ‘battle’ with the NHS, my gallbladder removal was finally scheduled for the 22nd of July and was completed with no complications.

I have now returned to work after my recovery period and have begun to enjoy my life (and food) again.

It has been a roller coaster 9 months, but it finally is over. I no longer have to avoid most foods, I can eat what I want! To some people that sounds like I have waited all this time to return to a diet of fast food and I am to throw away all the salads and soups I lived off prior to the op. That is definitely not the case. I can now eat a balanced diet, full of the nutrients I was missing from foods such as nuts and seeds, eggs and meat. I will no longer lack energy and have to struggle to source enough gallbladder-pleasing foods to sustain some form of nutrient intake. I have actually learnt a lot from the restricted diet I was on and will continue to add a lot of the protein and mineral supplements to my future meals (such as flax seed, soy and shelled hemp).

I am pleased to say, after reading all the horror stories about the aftermath of gallbladder removal, I am fine. Not just β€˜coping’ fine, I am as near to 100% as I could possibly be without attending the gym. I am the healthiest I have felt in over a year, albeit with 3 small cuts on my abdomen continuing to heal. There has been no bloating, no issues with my liver not being able to assist digesting certain foods, no sickness, no pain (other than the expected after-op pain).

So, cheery second post I know, but it was quite a significant event in my life (as you could guess).

Birthday tomorrow πŸ˜€ yay!! I anticipate Bento-related pressies!!

First Blog, First Post

Hello everyone,

First blog, first post. At last I can share my incredible, blossoming love for japanese food and bento (as well as ALL food).

This blog will be used for sharing my love for cooking and creating bentos (japanese for lunchbox) and for showing that I don’t just love eating the food ^_^

Anyway, hope to speak soon!!

Kasper x