The saviour that is Pasta salad.

The saviour that is Pasta salad.

Ever left the shopping for too long? Ever had no bread to make sandwiches, no wraps, no meat, no crackers and the need to make lunchboxes for two adults??
In the fridge is one portion of pasta, either plain or tomato, enough for one person. But you have to feed two, and you are damned if you are going to allow one person to buy lunch today, stingy as you are.
Whats this? There is also some salad in the fridge. Just a small amount of cucumber, radishes, pepper and maybe a little bit of cheese, maybe even feta. Oh and luck has it, you were given a pot of olives for a belated birthday present the other day.
You can make the lunch boxes! You can split the pasta and use the salad ingredients to create the most gorgeous mediterranean pasta salad!!
I love pasta salad, and it truly is the saviour of all lunchboxes in all situations.

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