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Bento (No. 77)

As there has been so much rain lately, it’s quite coincidental that the loaf of bread we got at the weekend slices into cloud shapes!


So todays bento for the boyfriend is a two tier one (in the small square systema boxes) with cloud sandwiches!
One sandwich is cheese and the other is ham, for sides he has cherry tomatoes, cucumber, grapes, blueberries, a cereal bar, homemade choccy shortbread (in foil), unsalted cashews (under the shortbread and a couple of sweetie treats.

Not at all spoilt!

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Bento (No.76)

I know the point of bento is to make healthy and nutritious lunches, so being samey isn’t a problem, but sometimes I do like to make an extra bit of effort.

The bf was lucky enough to have this bento. I had some leftover rice, and rosemary baked chicken,  sooooooo:

Cucumber nigiri (that works right), sliced rosemary chicken with a cucumber salad for a side.


With extras of: rolls of ham and cheese, sushi rice, cherry tomatoes, soy sauce fish, grapes and cereal bar.

Overall, nice and healthy, and Japanese inspired!

What Japanese inspired food do you make for your lunchboxes/bentos?

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Bento (No.75)

Been very busy over the last few days, birthdays galore and multiple goings on soooooo…

Bento back log!


Good old salad with lots of green stuff! Yay for olives! Baked tofu (baked in sesame oil and soy sauce) and red grapes. I had rice cakes with this and it was super yummy!

Over the next few days I’m going to be prepping and planning better lunches and meals to centre around better nutrition for running. Last week a lot of my bentos contained a lots of carbs (mainly brown rice and lentils so not terrible for me) but it reminded me (again) that carbs don’t make me feel 100%. I would definitely like to feel 100% before the half marathon I’ve got it March! Oh yeah, forgot to mention that……

Got any races/events coming up? Or how is your general gyming/exercise going?

What would you recommend I start eating more of in prep for race training/increased exercise in general?

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Bento (No.74)

Extra healthy ploughmans time!

I had cherry tomatoes, grapes, chicken and ham slices, a dairy lee cheese triangle, apple, celery and cucumber. I took along some crispbreads and some hummus to go with this as well.

It was super yummy!

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Bento (No.73)

I do try and make bentos healthy but sometimes I get stuck in a rut. They all like sandwiches and wraps but sometimes it’s nice to have a different kind of bento.


This bento is the boyfriends. He has roasted vegetables, cous cous and tuna mayo (leftover from a jacket potato dinner) in one half. In the other half are grapes, red pepper, a cereal bar, an oat and raisin cookie (in foil), a cheese cube (under the spoon) and sweetie treats.

It is definitely very different to sandwiches or wraps!

Do you have the same lunch everyday or do you try to mix it up a bit?

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Breakfast again!


Just had to share with you – I had yummy peanut butter and jam oatmeal 🙂 I made the oats with vanilla soy milk as well!

Two points from this:

– I was disappointed that the brand of soy milk I bought contained aspartame (an added sweetener). I understand you have to add stuff to soy milk to make it flavoured but a silly chemical? I was not impressed and wont be buying that brand again.
– I don’t do very well with peanut butter. Has anyone used/tried any seed butters like sunflower or pumpkin? I want to try some but I want the taste to be similar to peanut butter; is it at least a little bit like it?

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Bento (No.72)

Yummy boyfriend bento!


Cheese salad wraps, cucumber, red grapes, malt loaf (in foil), cereal bar, oreos snack pack, satsuma and leftover pizza.

He also had nuts and an apple for snacks.

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