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Bento (No. 60)


Quick cheeky non-homemade sushi!!


I know it is better to make things at home, but when you have a lovely abundance of store bought yumminess, just pair it with lots of veggies and you can’t go wrong 🙂

What September recipes is everyone bringing out? Or is it almost time for autumn recipes!!

I’ve been pickling, storing and making lots of different things recently 🙂 I will update you with all of them, I promise!!

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Bento (No.59)


Fast Food Bento 😉 hehe, not really!!


What we have here is vegetable pizza bread 🙂 (seeded bread with sliced roasted vegetables on top, with a little bit of tomato puree and cheese);

Lunchable style crackers with cheese and ham to put on them;

Cashew nuts, cherry tomatoes and egg mayonaise 😀

Lots of protein and vegetables!!

How’s September going for everyone??

Mine is going great, because…guess what? …I’ve got a job!! 😀 I start on the 30th! I should be posting more frequently from now on, as I can organise myself a bit better with consistent working hours 🙂

Yay, Happy!!

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Surviving in a hotel room…

1 week: no fridge, no oven or microwave, only a kettle; limited money and far from home.


What to do?

Shopping list:

– Apples

– Granola

– Instant Cous Cous

– Tinned/jar Carrots and Peas

– Jar of Olives

– Instant Noodles

– Food Doctor instant soup/quinoa pots

– Crsipbreads/Crackers

– Oatcakes

– Chocolate Spread

– Marmite

– Jars of Salmon paste

– Popcorn

– Cofee and Tea!!!!

Did I survive?

Of course I did 🙂