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Bento (No.76)

I know the point of bento is to make healthy and nutritious lunches, so being samey isn’t a problem, but sometimes I do like to make an extra bit of effort.

The bf was lucky enough to have this bento. I had some leftover rice, and rosemary baked chicken,  sooooooo:

Cucumber nigiri (that works right), sliced rosemary chicken with a cucumber salad for a side.


With extras of: rolls of ham and cheese, sushi rice, cherry tomatoes, soy sauce fish, grapes and cereal bar.

Overall, nice and healthy, and Japanese inspired!

What Japanese inspired food do you make for your lunchboxes/bentos?

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Bento (No.70)

A Relatively plain Bento for my Dad:


Ham and cucumber sandwiches, cucumber sticks, clementine, cherry tomatoes, grapes, mix unsalted nuts and malt loaf (in foil).

As much as I love Japanese cuisine, and so does my family, Bento doesn’t always have to revolve around that and it can be as simple as the one above. As long as there is a healthy balance of the right food groups, it is doing its job!

Talking of healthy balance, I may have sneaked this treat in:


Dad has still got to have a treat, right?

How do you make sure you pack a healthy lunch for yourself or your family?

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Bento (No.63)


On a plate! A little unhealthy for Christmas – tomato pasta, french bread mini pizzas with two different cheeses, cucumber, grapes, pringles and hidden chocolate coins (can you spot them?).

My mum got me and my partner these plates last year sometime (he has a blue edged one) and they are so adorable and fun!! I am an adult I promise! These would be great for all those fridge raiding leftover lunches/dinners!

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100th Post!! (Bento No.42/43/44 – Special)

Today is a special post!!

This is my 100th blog post!! And of course it has to be a bento post! To mark this special occasion, I am including not one, not two, but three bentos in todays post!


First up is my bento. I have told you that I have boring lunches so no apologies for this one! The bento has deconstructed lettuce sandwiches. I don’t have a lot of bread as I’m not a fan, so I use lettuce instead to make wraps/roll-up type things. To go in the wrap I have sliced carrots and cucumber, chicken slices (on top of the lettuce leaves) and hummus sprinkled with milled flax seed (hiding in the top left corner). I did have snacks to go with: satsuma, mini pack of popcorn, cereal bar, blueberries and grapes. Lovely and healthy ๐Ÿ™‚


Next is my brothers lunch. I make it simple and easy to eat as I never know whether he’s off out or college or something (he’s college age). He has cheese, cucumber and mustard sandwich on seedy bread, unsalted cashews and salted peanuts in the small green lidded box, sliced peppers, cherry tomatoes and a homemade nest cake in the foil. Again, nice and balanced and healthy ๐Ÿ™‚ with a little treat. My brothers bento has no accompanying sides.


This last one is my bf’s main dish bento. He had leftover tagliatelle in tomato and cream cheese sauce with mushrooms and leeksย and cheese on top, and a side salad of cucumbers and carrots (with a little cheese on top too) with cherry tomatoes down the middle. The bf usually has lunchbox additions (aside from the main bento) of malt loaf, fruit (apple, satsuma, grapes or banana), a treat (so in this case a homemade nest cake) and other bits and pieces. Nice and healthy again! I’m on a roll!

Well, what a post for my 100th one ๐Ÿ™‚ hope everyone is having a fantastic day!!

How long ago did you start blogging?

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Bento No.32



This bento was made with the super amounts of sushi that I rustled up ๐Ÿ™‚


On the side though, we have a small pot of nuts and seeds, satsuma, grapes, choccy chip cookies and a mix of dried fruit (apple rings, dates and banana chips).


And for the main, 14 rolls of cucumber maki (this was for the bf!), cherry tomatoes, black olives and cubes of cheese. There is also a fish of soy sauce in there too.

Happy tummies all round ๐Ÿ™‚

Who else is following the JustBentoย course at the moment? If anyone is looking to go into bento making, head over there for all the tips you’ll need!

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I guess I might have to do a post on Sushi as my blog is SushiSushiBento ๐Ÿ˜› I do make sushi a lot, and I love almost every type of sushi and sashimi that I have tried. The bf’s favourite though, is cucumber maki ๐Ÿ™‚


We had an amazing dinner, so much sushi! We had leftovers for two days of lunch! I don’t really think a recipe is needed here, as all I did was boil sushi rice, mix with sushi seasoning, place on nori sheets with cucumber and wrap ๐Ÿ™‚


These have to be my best maki yet. I used my new Sushi knife to cut them, as that’s the only knife I have that is sharp enough to cut nori.

What is your favourite sushi?

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Bento No.29

This is Fridays Bento (as today is a fasting day), and this was definitely done in a hurry!

I made super quick Pitta-Pizzas, which were defrosted Pitta pockets, spread with tomato puree, topped with tomatoes, pepper, ham, and cheese, then heated in the microwave for a minute to melt the cheese. I had 3 slice of that, a small cupcake ย case of miso-quinoa with the last of my Umeboshi (oh I love them!), sliced cucumber, pepper and cherry tomatoes.


I may have had two halves of different cookies for pudding ๐Ÿ˜› the half on the left is smartie cookie, and the half on the right is raspberry and white chocolate.

What super quick meal ideas do you have and go to when time is short?

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Bento No.8





BF Bento


Japanese style bento time!!!



The bfs contains stir fry veg, with extra fresh spinach, carrots, sushi rice (with sushi rice seasoning), and a few badly shaped cucumber maki. On top of the rice is a nori cut-out in the shape of a fish silloueette, and a few cucumber and spinach hearts.



Mine contained rice again, with loads of carrots and stir fry veg, steamed smoked salmon, quick scrambled egg (with salt, sugar, mirin and soy sauce – like tamagoyaki). I have the negative cut-out of both the nori fish and cucumber hearts.

I preferred mine ๐Ÿ™‚ more protein, but more smelly!!

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