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Bento (No. 81)

I always prepare myself lunch for work but it’s not normally in usual ‘bento’ form.


Here is one of my lunches from last week.
It is a big leafy salad with kale, cucumber, carrots, onions, kidney beans and hummus. I drizzled a little bit of olive oil and lemon juice on top as a dressing. I also massage the kale with a little bit of salt and pepper before I pop it in the salad.

What yummy things do you put in your salads?

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Bento (No. 77)

As there has been so much rain lately, it’s quite coincidental that the loaf of bread we got at the weekend slices into cloud shapes!


So todays bento for the boyfriend is a two tier one (in the small square systema boxes) with cloud sandwiches!
One sandwich is cheese and the other is ham, for sides he has cherry tomatoes, cucumber, grapes, blueberries, a cereal bar, homemade choccy shortbread (in foil), unsalted cashews (under the shortbread and a couple of sweetie treats.

Not at all spoilt!

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Bento No.41

Today is another fast day, but I shall delight you with my tales of reduced eating in another post, for today is burger day!

First things first though, I don’t like meat burgers. I’m not vegetarian, but I do prefer vegetarian burgers/sausages/chicken style food items rather than the ‘real’ meat stuff. I think it’s the texture and perhaps flavour, but then I wouldn’t like all meat….I don’t know, it’s weird 🙂

This is yesterdays Bento. Yes, all mine 😀 I had one veggie burger in a cheesy bun (with steamed broccoli stem, cheese, tomato sauce and mustard), homemade hummus (with mixed grains on top), mange-tout (to dip in hummus), half a boiled egg, and cherry tomatoes (hiding under the egg).

The boiled egg is meant to be star shaped, but it’s a bit wonky, haha! The burger was so good! And the hummus of course, was a delight 😀

Now, who’s hungry?

I am now D: oops!

I received my foodie penpal parcel for this month today!! It’s so good, but no spoilers! I will post about it Friday!

What is your favourite burger? And are you a single sauce or a mixed sauce kind of person?

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Bento No.17

I really love Bento 😀 It’s so cute and so easy to make healthy!


For example, this Bento (above) has a nice mix of sunflower seeds, crackers, cherry tomatoes and grapes and malt loaf (in the foil) as snacks and side ‘dishes.’


And the main part was a lovely mixed salad with shredded lettuce, radishes, cucumber, black olives and chickpeas 🙂 No salad dressing, no need for it :D, so yummy on it’s own.

I just don’t know how people can only eat packaged stuff for lunch, it’s so simple to make Bento. Spread the bento love, teach someone you know how to make bento or a healthy recipe you know 🙂

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Bento No.16

Holiday Season Leftovers 🙂


The main half contains Rivita crackers sandwiched with Marmite, radishes, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and grapes (notice the healthy eating? ;P). I love silicon cupcake cases, they are the best!


In the other half, there was a cheese platter 😀 A mixture of leftover cheeses from the holiday season, with Ritz snack crackers and bacon cheddar crackers. Then we have a little pot of sunflower seeds, 2 muffin halves (one half choc fudge and one half carrot cake), mini pack of love hearts and buttered malt loaf (in the foil).


Looks yummy doesn’t it? I love cheese, too too much 😛

Does anyone have any requests for anything that I can add to this blog? Such as Bento how to’s, more recipes, ideas for saving money on bentos?

I was thinking of maybe a Uni series, as I have a few friends that are at Uni and I bought a couple of them Sistema LunchCubes for Xmas 😀

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First Bento of 2013 (No.15)

I have a new luchbox!! 😀 I saw a it for a bargain £2.25 at my local supermarket! The bargain was so good, I got 4! (not all for myself – one for the bf and 2 for my friends).

Here is the Sistema Lunch Cube that I will be using for the majority of my Bento posts in the near future. I love it!

31WZqdtSXTL._SL500_SS500_ 163_2_l

First Bento of 2013! I had a lovely mixed salad with a silicon cup of herby salmon, which I mixed in to the salad before eating.


I apologise for the bad pictures :S I need to get better with them, and maybe even work out how to rotate pictures on my work computer…


In the other half of the Lunch Cube I had apple slices, a peeled satsuma, mixed nuts and raisins and a mix of cherry tomatoes and olives.

A nice healthy start to the year 🙂 If you ever see a Sistema brand LunchCube anywhere, get it! They are so good! I will do a formal review soon 🙂

Have you decided to make more of your own lunches this year? Or have you found an amazing lunchbox too??

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