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Bento (No. 85)



You know I like a salad. So my bentos are not all pretty, but they are yummy-looking enough for the blog 🙂



This bento-salad consists of lettuce, onion, pepper, cucumber, carrot and paprika Quorn chicken-style pieces.

I love a bit of Quorn.

What’s your favourite protein to have on a salad?

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Bento (No. 83)

Nice and healthy bento for a warm (almost) summer day.


This bento contains ham salad sandwiches on seedy bread, quorn chicken style nuggets tucked down the side, a multitude of fresh fruit, unsalted nuts (in the pot) and a cereal bar.

I know this glorious weather is not going to last but pretty please van we have dry weather for june?

I hope everyone is having a lovely week so far!

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Bento (No. 81)

I always prepare myself lunch for work but it’s not normally in usual ‘bento’ form.


Here is one of my lunches from last week.
It is a big leafy salad with kale, cucumber, carrots, onions, kidney beans and hummus. I drizzled a little bit of olive oil and lemon juice on top as a dressing. I also massage the kale with a little bit of salt and pepper before I pop it in the salad.

What yummy things do you put in your salads?

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Bento (No.79)

Happy Monday! How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was super busy, 2 runs (one was soooooo long), family round, baking, tidying….and all the rest!


This bento is from last weeks lot. I made chicken salad for my Dad 🙂 this is where bentos come in useful: Dad is only able to take 1 lunchbox in his bag (there’s no room for more!), and he wanted salad! Sooooo, we pack the bento to separate the foods according to mixability (that is obviously a word).
In this bento I have packed chicken salad with grated cheese (no dressing), unsalted nuts and a satsuma, malt loaf and a homemade blueberry yogurt muffin.
Ive packed it so that the muffin is well away from the salad to stop it from getting cheesy!!

Now an update from the no-sugar side of things:
It’s not bad! Been having more fruit and a little maple syrup or honey instead of any sugar and it’s going good! Even on my Sunday long run I was craving fruit!! Not sweets! It’s difficult to say no to chocolate and there is sugar in everything!! I think it will get more difficult as the weeks continue, but we’ll see 🙂

How are your lent ‘resolutions’ going?

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Bento (No.76)

I know the point of bento is to make healthy and nutritious lunches, so being samey isn’t a problem, but sometimes I do like to make an extra bit of effort.

The bf was lucky enough to have this bento. I had some leftover rice, and rosemary baked chicken,  sooooooo:

Cucumber nigiri (that works right), sliced rosemary chicken with a cucumber salad for a side.


With extras of: rolls of ham and cheese, sushi rice, cherry tomatoes, soy sauce fish, grapes and cereal bar.

Overall, nice and healthy, and Japanese inspired!

What Japanese inspired food do you make for your lunchboxes/bentos?

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Bento (No.75)

Been very busy over the last few days, birthdays galore and multiple goings on soooooo…

Bento back log!


Good old salad with lots of green stuff! Yay for olives! Baked tofu (baked in sesame oil and soy sauce) and red grapes. I had rice cakes with this and it was super yummy!

Over the next few days I’m going to be prepping and planning better lunches and meals to centre around better nutrition for running. Last week a lot of my bentos contained a lots of carbs (mainly brown rice and lentils so not terrible for me) but it reminded me (again) that carbs don’t make me feel 100%. I would definitely like to feel 100% before the half marathon I’ve got it March! Oh yeah, forgot to mention that……

Got any races/events coming up? Or how is your general gyming/exercise going?

What would you recommend I start eating more of in prep for race training/increased exercise in general?

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Bento (No.56)



Hi again everyone 🙂

I’m still making bentos 🙂 and I ran 2.5k this morning to wake myself up 🙂 How is everyone doing over the summer(UK)? Been keeping up with your healthy eating and exercise plans?

I’m glad I have been continuing to run and eat healthy, as I think that has kept me focussed on the things that matter rather than worrying about job searching. I am still extremely busy with the Youth Work, and for that I am grateful (I’m even training some people), but I do miss working in IT and learning new things.







I will be photographing more of my eats to try and get back into blogging, as I still love telling you guys anything and everything about my bentos and fitness 🙂 regardless of whether you want to know 😉 I have been trying out making tamagoyaki, steamed meat buns and Okonomiyaki , but have yet to perfect any of them. I will update my Food Bucket list when I do!

IMG00298The bento in this post was from a while ago, but I do regularly have salads and plenty of fruit like this, although I have cut down on any fried or processed baked foods (because of my gallbladder). I love finding new toppings to salads that add flavour and texture without the fat, sugar or unnecessary calories. One of my new favourites is edamame (as Tesco do big bags of them frozen!), with a little bit of lemon juice and salt and pepper.

What are your favourite salad toppings or additions?


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Bento No.49

Quick post for a fantastic Bento (if I do say so myself). Had this wonderful gem yesterday and I was ecstatic the whole of the day because of it. I’m not sure whether it’s the colours, or the range of foods in it, or that I managed to fit that much food in a small bento box!


In this tightly packed sistema box, (starting from top left) I had beetroot, sushi rice with  sushi vinegar and furikake on a bed of lettuce, mixed salad with lettuce, pepper, olives, mange-tout, carrots and baby sweetcorn, crunchy cheese rounds (microwaved cheese crispy things), pancake muffin topped with grapes (cut into tulip shapes), cherry tomato and carrots.


How pretty does that look?? 😀

What super colourful meals have you made recently?

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Bento No.47



I’m still ill!! What is this!



Yes it has been affecting my bento making, but only because I’ve been trying to avoid carby foods to try and load up on the vegetables to get rid of this cold!

Today I had a salad with pickled onions mixed in and a side of potato salad. Very boring, but I’m trying to fix myself! Haha! I may make some rice tonight to make sushi, as that must make me feel better 🙂 As well as the salad today, I had and apple, orange, a little pack of popcorn and lots of water!

Bring on getting better!

How do your bentos fare if you are ill/ in a rush?

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Bento No.40

I definitely over estimated my food consumption today! Yesterdays fast day went brilliantly, and today, I was determined to eat ‘normally’ but still mostly healthy. I did that, but I overpacked so I haven’t been able to eat everything yet :S

On a good note though, this post includes my breakfast bento and my snacks 🙂 yay! More pictures!


After my Personal Training session before work this morning, I had a quick mish-mash breakfast when I got to work. I had a mix of cereal, oats and flax seed, a yogurt (that I mixed in with the cereal), peanut butter (to top the cereal/yogurt mix) and grapes. Nice filling and healthy way to start the day 🙂 and it filled my up until lunch.


For lunch, I had super leftovers! The main bit is cheesy mash 🙂 with sides of cucumber and pepper salad, sweet chilli quinoa and grain mix and half a boiled egg shaped like a car 😀 Lots of carbs in the mash, which I think is the reason why I’m so full.


My snacks, which I ate a little after lunch were leftover cinema popcorn from last night (I took my own so it’s leftover from the bf’s bucket), and a small sweet pot with 2 raspberry ruffles and millions in 🙂 definitely not the healthiest, but they were small portions.


Now comes the things I haven’t been able to eat yet. Above is the chicken salad roll I was going to have with my lunch. *pop* I will probably have that for my dinner now (it’s back in the fridge for the moment).


And a fruit pot with melon and pineapple in. That is now going to be my pudding for dinner. I enjoy fast days, and I do  like the idea that they shrink my stomach, but I feel bad that I overpacked 😦

Onwards and upwards. Tomorrow is a fruit and veg only day 🙂 yummy!

What random/quick breakfasts do you have if you’re short on time or on the go?

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