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Bento (No.86)



This contains simple sandwiches (with deli Ham and salad in), carrot sticks, cereal bar, unsalted nuts and raisins (in the orange lidded pot), cucumber, satsuma, cheeky jelly worms, and grapes tucked down the side.

Sorry about the lighting on this one! I made it for a night shift (the bfs) and the flash makes it look all superimposed!

How do you deal with lighting issues for blog/web photos?

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Bento (No. 83)

Nice and healthy bento for a warm (almost) summer day.


This bento contains ham salad sandwiches on seedy bread, quorn chicken style nuggets tucked down the side, a multitude of fresh fruit, unsalted nuts (in the pot) and a cereal bar.

I know this glorious weather is not going to last but pretty please van we have dry weather for june?

I hope everyone is having a lovely week so far!

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Bento No.34

Boring old sandwich today….can you even place this bento anywhere near the word or meaning of boring?


Of course not. Today the bf (and brother, lucky thing!) had exactly the same bento of ham salad sandwich (made with homemade bread). Now 2 growing men (haha, men) can’t have just sandwiches for lunch! So alongside the reatively plain main dish, they had a small cupcake case of couscous covered with slices of cucumber, a pot of humus (homemade again), with carrots and mange-tout to dip, cherry tomatoes and a couple of pieces of stuffing (randomly made alongside dinner last night).


Top shot 🙂

No sandwiches for me, as I can’t eat a great deal of carbs (no gallbladder), instead I had a HUGE smoothie as a mish-mash fast day, which wasn’t true to the fasting ‘outlines’ but helped my insides feel much better after a couple of days with extra cake and choccy!

I might start a food diary. I was told the other day that I eat really healthily compared to a lot of my friends, and I want to see if that comment is entirely true. I know the bentos look and are pretty balanced and healthy, but I do tend to have choccy and cake (and peanut butter) almost every day, albeit in bite-size portions.

Have you ever done a food diary? If so, what did you find out about your eating (and drinking) habits that you were not completely aware of?

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Bento with bonus dinner! (No.33)

I had a little request from the Bf the other day. I wasn’t going to be home for dinner, but he said he really wanted to have some of my lovely home-cooked food that night for his dinner. As he was so nice about it, and because I had leftovers from the night before, he got a bonus dinner with his lunch bento!!


Firstly, in his lunchtime bento, he had one round of cheese, tomato chutney and salad sandwiches (on mixed grain bread), half a round of marmite sandwiches, a silicon cup of cherry tomatoes and smoked cheese, carrot sticks and mange tout.


Close up! ^^^


To accompany that, he also had: Christmas tree pretzels (I know it’s February!), a protein ball (recipe to follow), a peanut butter shortbread cookie under the protein ball (again, recipe to follow), grapes, satsuma and a pot of mixed nuts and raisins.



To extend the spoiling, the bf had the above for dinner: ramen noodles with stir fry. The stir fry had carrots, sweet potato, courgette, onion and bacon in, and the sauce for it was made with soy sauce, rice vinegar and sesame seeds 🙂 There was also fresh fruit for his pudding 🙂 so healthy I know!

I’m starting to plan my first charaben (kyaraben), but I have no clue what to do for it! Any ideas anyone?

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Bento No.26



Yummy ‘mini’ Bento today! I don’t often eat bread, but I fancied a toasted sandwich for breakfast, then couldn’t eat it all!! Silly me!



Today I had the rest of a toasted cheese, ham and tomato sandwich, salmon in filo pastry, cucumber, sugarsnap peas, grapes, and more tomato.

It filled me right up! The smaller Bento boxes are much easier to fill with mainly healthy foods that don;t leave me bloated 😀 wooh!

Who has recently umped on the Bento wagon? I’d love to hear all your Bento ideas and experiences!

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Bento No.20

I rarely have sandwiches! This is a new one for me 😛 Or is it? This is the bf’s bento, not mine.


So what do we have? In the Sistema lunch cube, we have grapes, satsuma, christmas tree pretzels and malt loaf (wrapped in foil). Under the grapes are mixed nuts, and to separate the grapes and pretzels, we have a small bar of dairy milk. there is also a small toxic waste sweet in there too.


For the main bit, he has spicy ham salad sandwiches (I snuck a bit of wasabi in there), cherry tomatoes and almonds (in the small pot). I think this may have been the first time I have used my new small pots in a bento! They are really handy and fit really well.



I’m trying to get better at taking photos of my lunches, so here’s another angle (above).

I hope everyone is keeping safe (whatever temperature you may be experiencing). It is soooo chilly here!

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Bento No.18

Today is the start of week 2 of my intermittent fasting, so here’s pictures of the Bf’s bento:


For the ‘side dishes’ he had mini marmite sandwiches on yummy crusty white bread, raspberry ruffles (so yum!), satsuma, malt loaf (in the foil) and grapes.


For the main part of the lunch, he had a lovely healthy tuna salad, with lettuce, cucumber, radishes, tomatoes and tuna with lemon and pepper.

Another healthy Bento, but it is better to be health as many days as possible to try and balance the treats we have during the week 🙂

Hows everyones January going? It’s snowing a little bit here in the South East! (UK)

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