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Bad Bento, why you make my stomach icky? (No.50)

I may have made my stomach icky :S I had this bento last week, 2 days in a row (and the evening prior to the first bento) and now my stomach is out of sync 😦

Bit of background: I have no gallbladder, so digesting high carb or high fat items is difficult for my digestive system anyway BUT I though I’d be ok. I had 3 pieces of pizza one night, 2 the next day for lunch, and the last 2 pieces for lunch the day after. Perfectly normal right? I even had salad on the side! (And garlic dip yummmmm), and perhaps a katsu ball :O don’t tell anyone!


Well those few days of ‘indulgence’ have upset the balance of my digestive system 😦 I’m not in pain but I’m not comfortable and I’m not digesting anything right :S So my mum and I checked back on the nice big list of things I maybe should avoid eating and guess what? I eat some of those things all the time 😦


The food items I eat a lot of that are on the almost no-go list for gallbladder-less people are peanut butter, raw vegetables, dairy products, eggs and caffeine. I have definitely not been limiting my intake of these recently and, on top of the pizza last week, my stomach has staged a protest.

So now, for  a few days, I’m going to be avoiding all the ‘bad’ foods to allow my insides to reset and hopefully get back to normal. I’m also going to be taking HUGE tablets (soya lecithin) to help me digest the food I can eat.

Here’s to a few days (hopefully) of chicken noodle soup, passata, well cooked vegetables and lots of green tea and smoothies.

Bring back my comfortable insides!

Have you got any allergies or digestive difficulties with certain foods?

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Bento No.29

This is Fridays Bento (as today is a fasting day), and this was definitely done in a hurry!

I made super quick Pitta-Pizzas, which were defrosted Pitta pockets, spread with tomato puree, topped with tomatoes, pepper, ham, and cheese, then heated in the microwave for a minute to melt the cheese. I had 3 slice of that, a small cupcake  case of miso-quinoa with the last of my Umeboshi (oh I love them!), sliced cucumber, pepper and cherry tomatoes.


I may have had two halves of different cookies for pudding 😛 the half on the left is smartie cookie, and the half on the right is raspberry and white chocolate.

What super quick meal ideas do you have and go to when time is short?

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