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Bento (No.66)

Ive been better at this regular blogging so far!!

In this bento, my lucky other half had: tomato pasta with ham (in the smaller round pot), malt loaf (in the foil), cheese and pepper quesadilla slices, cucumber, mixed unsalted nuts and raisins, satsuma, sweets and cherry tomatoes and red pepper slices.
The guy definitely eats well!!

I know other countries refer to pepper as capsicum, but does it get confusing while reading blog? Sometimes I have to stop and think!

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Bento (No.58)

Bento bento bento!

IMG00338In this bento box here, we have cheese and pepper quesadillas, mixed fruit and nut, a babybel, cherry tomatoes and mixed roasted vegetables. This is not my lunch as it contains a reasonable amount of cheese :S but the person enjoyed it! 😀

I hope everyone’s week is going ok, my courgettes are finally growing!!

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Bento No.29

This is Fridays Bento (as today is a fasting day), and this was definitely done in a hurry!

I made super quick Pitta-Pizzas, which were defrosted Pitta pockets, spread with tomato puree, topped with tomatoes, pepper, ham, and cheese, then heated in the microwave for a minute to melt the cheese. I had 3 slice of that, a small cupcake  case of miso-quinoa with the last of my Umeboshi (oh I love them!), sliced cucumber, pepper and cherry tomatoes.


I may have had two halves of different cookies for pudding 😛 the half on the left is smartie cookie, and the half on the right is raspberry and white chocolate.

What super quick meal ideas do you have and go to when time is short?

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Bento No.25

Another Sistema Lunch Cube for the bf again 🙂 His Bentos are far easier to take photos of as they are quite reasonable portions.


So we have grapes, satsuma, almonds and pretzels and a sweetie treat for the ‘side dishes.’


And for the main, we have leftover Firecracker Rice 🙂 it is so yummy!! I’ll post a recipe next. I also filled a small yellow pepper with the rice to add a bit of style to the dish 😛 There are also chopped sugarsnap peas.


Here’s it all together 🙂 yummy yummy.

Have you got a favourite quick recipe you go to more often than others?

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