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Bento (No. 82)

Here’s another one of my ‘boring’ bentos for myself.


I have half of a veggie sausage sandwich, salmon paste lettuce wraps, cherry tomatoes, hummus and cucumber for dipping.

I always take lots of fruit for snacks and lunch additions so I know it doesn’t look a lot, it was only part of a bigger picture (of my daily food).

Has anyone got any easter choccy left? Some people think I’m strange still having some left!

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Bento (No.69)

Joy for Bento back log!IMG00293

There are many uses for eggs in bentos, but this was the second ‘trial’ bento I made like this. I cooked egg whites into very thin omelettes (with no other vegetables in and used them as wraps!! I filled these egg wraps with hummus and red pepper slithers. Accompanying these were more red pepper slices and mange tout. They were very tasty; I would encourage anyone to try these!

Tip for making egg wraps: use as little oil as possible (or none at all in a non-stick pan) to limit the sogginess when in the bento!

Have you made anything new and fairly simple that turned out to be brilliant?!

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Bento (No.68)


Bento back log!



This bento was super yummy!! It contained mixed roasted vegetables, quinoa cooked in vegetable stock, olives, sliced steak and a big cupcake case full of hummus with smoked paprika. It had so much flavour from the vegetables and so much goodness in everything!!

I could eat another bento like that right now!

Have you tried smoked paprika with hummus? It is super yummy!

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Bento No.41

Today is another fast day, but I shall delight you with my tales of reduced eating in another post, for today is burger day!

First things first though, I don’t like meat burgers. I’m not vegetarian, but I do prefer vegetarian burgers/sausages/chicken style food items rather than the ‘real’ meat stuff. I think it’s the texture and perhaps flavour, but then I wouldn’t like all meat….I don’t know, it’s weird 🙂

This is yesterdays Bento. Yes, all mine 😀 I had one veggie burger in a cheesy bun (with steamed broccoli stem, cheese, tomato sauce and mustard), homemade hummus (with mixed grains on top), mange-tout (to dip in hummus), half a boiled egg, and cherry tomatoes (hiding under the egg).

The boiled egg is meant to be star shaped, but it’s a bit wonky, haha! The burger was so good! And the hummus of course, was a delight 😀

Now, who’s hungry?

I am now D: oops!

I received my foodie penpal parcel for this month today!! It’s so good, but no spoilers! I will post about it Friday!

What is your favourite burger? And are you a single sauce or a mixed sauce kind of person?

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Bento No.34

Boring old sandwich today….can you even place this bento anywhere near the word or meaning of boring?


Of course not. Today the bf (and brother, lucky thing!) had exactly the same bento of ham salad sandwich (made with homemade bread). Now 2 growing men (haha, men) can’t have just sandwiches for lunch! So alongside the reatively plain main dish, they had a small cupcake case of couscous covered with slices of cucumber, a pot of humus (homemade again), with carrots and mange-tout to dip, cherry tomatoes and a couple of pieces of stuffing (randomly made alongside dinner last night).


Top shot 🙂

No sandwiches for me, as I can’t eat a great deal of carbs (no gallbladder), instead I had a HUGE smoothie as a mish-mash fast day, which wasn’t true to the fasting ‘outlines’ but helped my insides feel much better after a couple of days with extra cake and choccy!

I might start a food diary. I was told the other day that I eat really healthily compared to a lot of my friends, and I want to see if that comment is entirely true. I know the bentos look and are pretty balanced and healthy, but I do tend to have choccy and cake (and peanut butter) almost every day, albeit in bite-size portions.

Have you ever done a food diary? If so, what did you find out about your eating (and drinking) habits that you were not completely aware of?

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