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Bento (No. 87)

Super cheap bento time!!

This bento contains food that cost a total of 68p!! Not quite the 33p I was aiming for but:

– this bento was for the bfs 10 hour shift (he said it was plenty of food for that shift too!);
– it contains a nice healthy split of carbs, fruit, veg and protein (and a treat) so it’s pretty balanced;
– it was super quick!

The bento contains firecracker rice (cost a few pence more than plain rice but was worth the yumminess), steamed brocolli, grapes, jaffa cakes, and peanut butter crackers.

I’m going to try and make a cheaper bento for myself as it’s given me lots more ideas!

Would this bento appeal to you?

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Bento No.12

More Bento! I’m getting so good! Monday and the brain is in gear already, woohoo!!


Monday Bento is leftovers from Sunday night rice. I had a few people round and I made them firecracker rice 😀 If you have been to Yo Sushi, then you know what I mean, the rice is delish! Anyway, I was so lucky there was a little bit of rice left for the bentos this morning, everyone loved it!

In my bento is leftover firecracker rice topped with sesame seeds, steamed mixed veg (pepper, tomatoes, pak choi and kale), chopped up veggie hotdog, and a little dollop of wasabi mayonnaise. My stomach was so happy with the lunch today! So much flavour!

I need to get better at taking Bento photos though, any recommendations??

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