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Bento (No. 87)

Super cheap bento time!!

This bento contains food that cost a total of 68p!! Not quite the 33p I was aiming for but:

– this bento was for the bfs 10 hour shift (he said it was plenty of food for that shift too!);
– it contains a nice healthy split of carbs, fruit, veg and protein (and a treat) so it’s pretty balanced;
– it was super quick!

The bento contains firecracker rice (cost a few pence more than plain rice but was worth the yumminess), steamed brocolli, grapes, jaffa cakes, and peanut butter crackers.

I’m going to try and make a cheaper bento for myself as it’s given me lots more ideas!

Would this bento appeal to you?

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Bento No.28

Very varied and colourful Bento today. This one is for the bf in a Sistema Lunch Cube.

In the snack section, he has malt loaf (in silver foil), nutty cereal bites, hot chocolate cupcake (no icing), grapes and a small pot of mixed nuts and raisins.


In the main half of the Lunch Cube, there is a silicon cupcake case of miso quinoa (so yummy-just cook the quinoa in miso soup), a cupcake case full of leftover firecracker rice, cheese cubes (with a pirate sword pick), ham rolls, and sliced cucumber.

I like that this lunch isn’t just one thing, it’s made up of so many different yummy, and healthy things. A varied lunch, for anyone, any age, makes for a tastier, more enjoyable lunch, as the colours and different tastes ensure that the recipient is never bored and eats it all up 🙂

Looking at that lunch is making me hungry again!

Do you sometimes look in the fridge and end up having so many different parts to your lunch/dinner?

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