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Lent (no sugar) recap

Happy Easter!

Benn far too busy for anyones liking but I thought Easter would be a good way to get back into the writing swing.


Right, lent was interesting. I cannot say I was 100% processed sugar free all the time but it was a big eye opener. I thought numbered points might help with the recap (all of the following points are my own opinon or observation and not medically or scientidically proven in any way):

1. Processed sugar is in everything! – we (as consumers and producers) rely on it far too much and to really cut out all processed sugar I would have had to cook every little bite from scratch!
2. Processed sugar is the cause of a lot of the body issues I have. This may be the case for most people but I cannot generalise – processed sugar makes my skin oily and spotty; my overall skin condition is better without it; my mood is more consistent without it; colds feel easier to handle without it; and I seem to drink more water!
3. Everything tastes really sweet now. Fruit teas are lovely and sweet and I even have to water down my smoothies and fruit juice! Chocolate is lovely but extremely sweet – no choccy overload for me!
4. My mid morning or afternoon cravings have been reduced – either through less sugar or more fresh fruit and veg.

Those are the main points I could think of but overall I will definitely try and reduce my processed sugar intake on a daily basis as I feel so much better for it!

How did your lent go? And I hope you had a fun Easter!

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Bento No.45



I have a horrible cold today 😦 so I have only eaten one boiled egg and a little yoghurt 😦 It was meant to be a fast day anyway, although I will eat if my body tells me to.

To make me feel better, I will post one of my bentos from last week 🙂


The main side of this bento (made in a Sistema Lunch Cube), had chicken dim sum (not homemade!), steamed broccoli (with sesame seeds), mushrooms (with kewpie mayo), cucumber, peppers, tomatoes and soy sauce.


And in the other side there was sliced pear (excuse the bruising, I eat them however they look),chicken slices, satsuma, nest cake and a little pot of sweets.

There, that’s made me feel better (pulls ill face). At least you guys and girls get to see a bento post regardless of my woes.

I really do need to work on my photos though!!

Do you use a camera or your phone to take blog/food photos? I can never be bothered to get the camera out! Bad me!

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