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Little Weekend Treat


I may have overdone the weekend treats 😛 My mum had bought me new sushi mats, and Christmas Cookie cutters, and then when I went Christmas shopping for other peoples presents…I bought myself more cool stuff!! I got mini silicon cupcake cases and mini food storage boxes!! I love bento stuff!!


The cool stuff I bought were from the 99p shop in town 😀 so I got 10 mini silicon cupcake cases for 99p…


…and 10 mini food storage boxes for 99p!! Bargain!!

Excuse the bed covers behind the items (they are the coolest Spongebob ones ever!!)

I’m going to be using the new cookie cutters for Christmas Cookie making!! Yay!!

I needed more sushi mats, because the one I had disintegrated a bit because I stored it wrong 😦

Have you been busy Christmas shopping? Or have you done what I did and treated yourself when you were meant to be buying for other people?? 😛

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