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Bento (No.86)



This contains simple sandwiches (with deli Ham and salad in), carrot sticks, cereal bar, unsalted nuts and raisins (in the orange lidded pot), cucumber, satsuma, cheeky jelly worms, and grapes tucked down the side.

Sorry about the lighting on this one! I made it for a night shift (the bfs) and the flash makes it look all superimposed!

How do you deal with lighting issues for blog/web photos?

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Bento No.27

Just a quick one. Using my Aladdin Bento Box today as I can reheat it at work 🙂


I have a simple mix of roasted potato and carrots with flaked salmon and tomatoes on top. I’d already had a nibble before I took the photo, so it looks a bit depleted.

I was sophisticated and used chopsticks with my lunch today 🙂 They help slow the pace of eating down and I also pay a lot more attention to my food than if I eat with a fork/spoon.

How do you like your vegetables? Roasted, sautéed, steamed, fried?

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