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100 ways to a Healthier Lifestyle #2

#2 suggestion for working towards a healthy lifestyle:

Give yourself some flaxseed!!

Flax seed is incredible, seriously!!

I swear by it. And my family as well! Even though most of the time, they are unaware that I add it to their food 😀 mwahaha

Flax seed is an amazing source of fibre and can be added to everything and anything without changing the flavour or texture of the food. “It may be tiny, but it’s mighty.” It is technically a grain, but has far larger amounts of fibre, antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids than any other grain. Flax seed is also low in carbohydrates, high in B-vitamins and magnesium.

A good way to add flax seed to your diet is to add it to foods you eat everyday. Ground flax seed can be added to oatmeal, smoothies, soup, yoghurt, curry, stews, cakes, bread, anything!

When using it in baking, substitute part of the flour with it. Aim for replacing about a quarter or a bit less, so that it doesn’t affect the taste, look or texture.

I love adding it to my breakfast as the fibre keeps me fuller for longer 🙂 and reduces the portion size needed to fill me up!

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The things I do for love…

I did say I still had things to tell you about the Holiday season! Below is a picture of the presents all of my friends received for Christmas. I’m glad I managed to make nearly all of the Christmas gifts I gave, and I am particularly pleased that these ones tasted so good!


In the red basket/box things are 2 cupcakes:

– one chocolate peppermint (with a red candy button on top);

– one cranberry, apple and walnut (so amazingly tasty! and they used more of the turkish apple tea powder I have),

and 2 cookie sandwiches:

– one plain shortbread sandwiched around apple flavoured butter icing (turkish apple tea powder again);

– one plain shortbread sandwiched around chocolate butter icing.

All my friends loved them all! And so did I!

What edible treats have you made recently?

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I made cakes at the weekend! 😀 yay!


Yummy cakes, for my friends christmas presents, a family gathering I wasn’t able to attend, the office, and general home munching 🙂


I made quite a few flavours, but the ones I’ve got pictures of on the computer today are the vanilla sprinkles cupcakes (top), chocolate peppermint cupcakes (above) and chocolate oatie cranberry cakes (the pink ones in the picture below).


This picture is the plate that my parents took the family gathering I couldn’t attend. Apparently they didn’t last long!!

I wasn’t feeling the icing, so no swirling, but everyone said they were tasty 🙂 yay!


– Basic sponge mix (family recipe – no can tell!) – any sponge mix will work

– Add chocolate peppermint hot chocolate and broken up candy canes for the choco peppermint ones, and ice them with peppermint butter icing and a piece of chocolate or candy.

– Add sprinkles and a little bit of yellow food colouring to the sprinkles cupcakes, and ice with plain icing and sprinkles!!

– Add oats and chocolate powder to the chocolate oatie cookies and ice them with icing sugar mixed with heated cranberry sauce!

I’ll post a recipe on here soon that I can tell you, I promise!!

What christmassy flavours would go into cupcakes do you reckon? I want to make some more!!

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No-Bake Cookie Dough

Another one to cross off my Food Bucket List!!

I made No-Bake Cookie Dough the other day and it is DEVINE!

I’m not sure whether I will ever eat baked cookies again.

The recipe is basically a shortbread or sugar cookie recipe:

Which I’m not going to share with you 🙂 (family secret ;))

Add anything you want, like sprinkles, chocolate chips, raw cacao nibs or just eat on its own. It is amazing mixed with yoghurt!!

Sorry it’s a rubbish picture, It was so yummy!!

I baked some too:

Cookie cups!! Yummy!

The un-bkaed cookie dough was still superior 😀

Have you made raw edible cookie dough? And did you love it!!???

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