Bento (No.80)

Lack of posts this week sorry!

It’s been a busy busy week at work, and with all the rest (half marathon this Sunday!).


So, this bento is one for the boyfriend. He has a wholemeal ham sandwich (nice and simple), cucumber, grapes, cherry tomatoes, malt loaf, babybel, cereal bar and sweeties.

Nice and easy, but not so neatly packed!! Terrible me!

Lent is getting difficult. I said I’d try and give up processed sugar and I haven’t eaten cakes, biscuits, flavoured yogurt, sweets or chocolate since the start of lent however, what doesn’t contain sugar! Processed sugar is in bread, all the sauces, drinks, cereals!! I haven’t been able to avoid bread (I only eat wholemeal/seeded bread anyway), or all sauces! I do think that all the sugar I have avoided has made a big difference. I don’t feel I need sweet things to kerp me going, my skin is miles better and I’ve even lost a little bit of weight! I feel I’ve been eating more, as I’ve been upping my veggies to reduce the amount of bread or other processed carbs that I eat.

So, hows your lent going?

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2 thoughts on “Bento (No.80)

  1. dosirakbento says:

    Well done on our Lent challenge so far!
    It’s very difficult to avoid sugar, but it seems you are really paying attention to what you’re eating. Just being aware of it & making choices makes already a big difference, I suppose.
    And it’s great that you notice a difference. Will you continue after Lent?

    • Thank you! It is so difficult to avoid it completely but reducing it is so beneficial. I think I will keep up some level of processed sugar avoidance after Lent, if only for how good my skin is at the moment! I thought I was good with my food choices before but it’s so easy to let your ‘occasional treat’ get too often. There are so many yummy foods out there that don’t contain processed sugar, it’s a shame we’re used to the ones with processed sugar.

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