Boring Bentos!

Just a quick one with some ‘boring’ bento pictures. Below are a couple of pictures of the type of bento I have been eating over the past couple of weeks to get my stomach to settle down. Adn guess what, it worked! Wooh!IMG00318


Both Bentos contain brown rice with sushi seasoning with toppings of olives, pepper, tomatoes, mange-tout and spring onion (top one) or olives, spring onion, edamame, and pepper (bottom).

Two amazing things next:

– I go to the Download Festival on thursday! I’m so excited I could pop! I may not post much about it, but if you don’t know what it is look it up – Download 2013

– Now my stomach has been better, my training for the Race for life has got so much easier and better! Last week I ran 3 lots of 5k and a 2.5k, all without stopping 😀 My times are getting faster too! I won’t be running at download but I won’t be sitting around either, so cross fingers I won’t lose any of my hard work! Also my Macmillan t-shirt came through! They were lovely enough to send me a free on because I’m raising money for them! 🙂 So it’s all good 😀

Anyone got any plans coming up soon? Holidays or festivals or gigs?

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2 thoughts on “Boring Bentos!

  1. cookinggallerygermany says:

    I don’t think this looks boring at all, it looks healthy and yummy too :)!!

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