Bento (No.51)



Back to bento posting!

These next few bentos will be ones from a few weeks ago as I’m still on a bland (and not very photogenic) diet to sort my silly tummy out.



This bento consists of a leftover spicy chicken and vegetable wrap, with sides of radishes, cucumber, olives, mange-tout, lettuce and baked soy-sesame tofu.

It was such a yummy lunch (I love leftovers!), I can’t wait t have wraps again!

On a more positive note, I was nominated for two awards over the last couple of weeks. I’m still working on the posts and will get them up, along with my nominations, as soon as possible 🙂

Quick update on training for my 5k Race For Life: I ran my first full training 5k at the weekend. My running has been getting so much better and a lot easier, and I bought some new running gear (why did no-one ever tell me running leggings were  so damn comfortable! – no wind resistance, haha!) cheeky me. Running is something you have to work at, but it is so surprising how just a mile or two every other day can build up to being able to run up hills no problem (I have so many issues running up hills-silly hips), and running 5k straight off, easy peasy.

Well here’s to another week of training, being a busy bee, eating bland food and munching on Foodie Penpal delights (spoilers!)

Hows the weather been for everyone? I’ve found most days when I want to run, it’s been just right for me, not making you jealous or anything 🙂

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