Bento No.48

What a cheery Friday today. Over here, the weather is mild, I had an amazing lunch, and I’m going to be doing something even more amazing this weekend (more on that on Monday!)


The main in my bento today was amazing! I said yesterday that I was going to make myself some sushi rice for today, and make it I did! I mixed it with rice vinegar, a little salt and sugar and sprinkled it with store bought furikake. The rest of the bento is filled with leftover roasted vegetables (in a cool stripe pattern!). The leftover vegetables were sweet potato, green peppers (capsicum for you guys and girls across the pond), yellow and red peppers and courgette (zucchini).Yummy!


For snacks I had cherry tomatoes, a satsuma, grapes and a couple of Fox’s Crunch Creams (so good!!). I snacked on these throughout the afternoon.

Oooh, have you noticed?? This bento is in a new bento box!!! I got it the other week but have been trying out different ways of packing it before showing it off to you guys and girls. I bought a 2 pack of the Sistema sandwich boxes when they were on offer for £2.50 at my local supermarket (below is a picture of a paxk of three in slightly different colours). The colours that I got were purple with orange clips and pink with blue clips 🙂 They are quite small but perfect for the size of lunch I eat. I will look into doing a bigger review for these soon.


And, as todays Friday, here’s an awful bonus picture. As I had made sushi rice the night before, I fancied having a japanese breakfast this morning! I had sushi rice, sprinkled with furikake, sushi ginger, vegetables, mackerel in tomato sauce, nori, and soy sauce. It was so yummy!!


What is your favourite style of breakfast? Western, Asian or Continental?

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5 thoughts on “Bento No.48

  1. bentodays says:

    Looks good! I love those sistema boxes too, have three of those flat sandwich ones you pictured.

  2. takatucker says:

    Thank you for following me. I’ve just started my blog, and you are my first follower.^^
    I was having sushi at sushi-goround restaurant when I got an email that notice me you started follow me. I’m looking forward to seeing your bento.

    Is it easy to get furikake in your country?

    • I have to order furikake online, but there are shops in London that sell it. I don’t get the chance to go to London very much though. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your bentos too 🙂 Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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