Bento No.47



I’m still ill!! What is this!



Yes it has been affecting my bento making, but only because I’ve been trying to avoid carby foods to try and load up on the vegetables to get rid of this cold!

Today I had a salad with pickled onions mixed in and a side of potato salad. Very boring, but I’m trying to fix myself! Haha! I may make some rice tonight to make sushi, as that must make me feel better 🙂 As well as the salad today, I had and apple, orange, a little pack of popcorn and lots of water!

Bring on getting better!

How do your bentos fare if you are ill/ in a rush?

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5 thoughts on “Bento No.47

  1. ellenmeow says:

    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. […] main in my bento today was amazing! I said yesterday that I was going to make myself some sushi rice for today, and make it I did! I mixed it with rice […]

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