Bento No.41

Today is another fast day, but I shall delight you with my tales of reduced eating in another post, for today is burger day!

First things first though, I don’t like meat burgers. I’m not vegetarian, but I do prefer vegetarian burgers/sausages/chicken style food items rather than the ‘real’ meat stuff. I think it’s the texture and perhaps flavour, but then I wouldn’t like all meat….I don’t know, it’s weird 🙂

This is yesterdays Bento. Yes, all mine 😀 I had one veggie burger in a cheesy bun (with steamed broccoli stem, cheese, tomato sauce and mustard), homemade hummus (with mixed grains on top), mange-tout (to dip in hummus), half a boiled egg, and cherry tomatoes (hiding under the egg).

The boiled egg is meant to be star shaped, but it’s a bit wonky, haha! The burger was so good! And the hummus of course, was a delight 😀

Now, who’s hungry?

I am now D: oops!

I received my foodie penpal parcel for this month today!! It’s so good, but no spoilers! I will post about it Friday!

What is your favourite burger? And are you a single sauce or a mixed sauce kind of person?

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