Fasting Day Accountability

Happy Monday!

My post last week really did help me focus on keeping the 5:2 fasting going, so, I am going to try to update you all on every fast day that I do. Sorry if it’s boring, but it helps me!! And I will still be posting Bentos lots 🙂 so don’t you worry!

Today is my first fast day for the week:

x1 Tea with milk (13 c)

x2 small satsumas (40 c)

x1 Coffee with milk (18 c)

x1 Tea with milk (13 c)

x2 Rice Cakes (52 c)

Garlic and Herb Cream Cheese – for spreading on rice crackers (48 c)

x2 Cherry tomatoes (8 c)

1/4 Orange Pepper – sliced (15 c)

1/8 Cucumber – sliced (9 c)

x2 Mangetout (2 c)

1/2 cup Spinach (5 c)

x1 Coffee with milk (18 c)

x1 wheatabix cereal biscuit thing with a splash of milk (100 c)

x1 tin of chopped tomatoes (74 c)

x2 slices of sandwich chicken (12 c)

I was just around 427 calories for the day, yay!, which is all good 🙂 I feel great and not that hungry, which is surprising as I had a case of the hangover munchies on Sunday! It involved sweets, chocolate, pasta, fried rice and gyoza (not all at once), but that is what the fast days are for: to get back into the eating-right mojo 🙂

Don’t you love it when things go to plan? Or when you don’t feel guilty for the weekend munchies!

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2 thoughts on “Fasting Day Accountability

  1. Wow! You really use your fast days well 🙂


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