Getting back on that Fasting wagon!

Ok, I mean getting back on the Fasting wagon properly.

I have been doing the 5:2 intermittent fasting diet for over 2 months, but recently, I have been slipping. Not slipping as in not doing it, but choosing to go a bit over on the fasting day calorie amount, or choosing to do a juice fast instead, or a fruit and veg fast. Now, I know those other fasts are good and make me feel amazing too, but they don’t do the same thing that the 500 calorie day fasts do. So, back on it! And what better way to do it, than tell you guys and girls about it!

I’ve seen many bloggers write about their daily meals/calories and I do think writing it publicly makes you accountable for things you say you do. I want to continue doing the 5:2 fasting as it makes me feel amazing, and I wish it was more second nature, but it always takes me a while to form new habits. Blogging was a bit like that at the start, so hopefully blogging about it will help me with my fasting!

Todays fast menu:

x1 Tea with milk, no sugar (13 calories)

1/2 Green Machine Naked smoothie (about 120 calories)

1/2 sachet of instant Miso soup (about 20 calories)

Mixed Salad with spinach, cucumber and green pepper, no dressing (est around 30 calories)

x1 tablespoon of hummus (27 calories) with mange tout to dip (around 20 calories)

x1 coffee with milk and 1/2 sugar (around 30 calories)

x1 can vegetable soup (around 180 calories)

x1 pack of flavoured popcorn (53 calories) – to take to the cinema!!

I have been drinking lots of water throughout the day to keep me full and hydrated 🙂

What do you think? Does telling more people about your aims, goals and progress make you more accountable for your actions?

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9 thoughts on “Getting back on that Fasting wagon!

  1. matsuflex42 says:

    I do think posting it online helps a lot! Even if no one reads it, it’s kind of like a food diary and just seeing everything laid out encourages me the mucho.

    On a side note, though, how has this fasting been? I’m trying to lose fat/gain muscle and the idea of limiting my calories that drastically twice a week seems like torture/not a good idea. You said you didn’t notice a decrease in energy? I’m intrigued!

    • For me, it’s been amazing. For a ‘diet’ that only requires perseverance for 2 out of 7 days of the week, it totally works for me. Energy-wise, my energy does not peak or is not reduced at all on any day and I am able to go the gym as normal and do whatever workout I want. I find cardio on those days easier! I have lost weight and body fat, and I’ve lost inches on weeks where I’ve lost weight and others when I have not so it does show there! I’d only suggest doing the fasting if you want to. I was always good at being very good with my diet for a few days at a time, then pigging out a bit. Now, I have the two fasting days (non-consecutive) and on the non-fasting days, I can eat what I want. I find as I don’t have to restrict myself on the other days, I don’t actually want the stuff I used to pig out on!

      • matsuflex42 says:

        Ya, that’s what intrigued me. The idea of only worrying 2 days in a week seems amazing, I might try this out! Doing a general cut is impossible to maintain every day haha.

      • Yes, counting and restricting calories every day would make my head hurt. Have a look at my other posts on the subject if you do want to try this out. I’m going to be posting a range of meal plans soon, that I came up with for a friend of mine. Let me know if you do try it and how you get on!

  2. AmyS says:

    Whew! This is hardcore, not sure if I could do this. Good luck

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