Bento No.37

Last night was amazing! I know it says on my About page that I am a Software Tester/Trainee Programmer, but I also have another job.

Have you ever been in a situation where you loved doing something so much you couldn’t give it up? (not including food!!)

Well I didn’t give up my Youth Work job when I started doing Software Testing. I still plan and run live music events and workshops almost every month, work some evenings at various youth centres and do lots of paperwork for the events.

So…last night was amazing. I helped run the first live music ‘set-up’ event for a new project (The-Project in Tunbridge Wells [UK] if any reader lives near there). Firstly, all the young people and staff were amazing, it went brilliantly; secondly, all the musicians were fantastic; and thirdly…I may have had a stage invasion planned during my brothers acoustic set (he’s both an acoustic guitarist and lead singer of a metal band). I have always wanted to sing but the only instrument I learned to play was the drums (I used to be in a metal band too, haha!), which doesn’t really go with singing! So my lovely brother let me sing with him 😀 and it was AMAZING!

Phew, self praise over with, here’s my bento!
IMG00239Again, it’s not mine! Mine really don’t look appetising as of late, how terrible! This is the bf’s one. It contains a BLT, on homemade white bread, mixed nuts and raisins, sausages, cherry tomatoes, grapes, red pepper, cucumber and cheese and ham roll-ups. I think this is one of the prettier one’s I’ve made. There’s more colours to this one 🙂 the bf still eats everything I give him though, regardless of what it looks like!

Do you think you should strive to increase the range of colours (natural) in your food at mealtimes?

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3 thoughts on “Bento No.37

  1. Yay for things going so well – enjoy the self-praise, as you’ve earned it. Awesome that the bf eats everything you put into a bento for him. Bento has helped dh be a bit more adventurous, but he’s still a bit of a food wuss.

  2. […] said I’d do some batch cooking at the weekend and… went to plan in simpler ways than first […]

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