Happy Pancake Day – 2 Ingredient Pancakes!



I love pancakes! But my love of true pancakes only gets fulfilled at this time of year. I can’t really justify eating those buttery floury circles of sugariness every weekend (I would I would!), so usually, I wallow in self pity for most of the year (jokes!)


I did find something fantastic the other week though. It was a recipe that could forever make my pancake taste buds ecstatically happy (and all year round too). Behold, the two ingredient pancake:



Looks yummy doesn’t it? This is the only photo I have so far of these beauties as they get eaten too quickly! My whole family loves them and they are  so healthy and quick compared to usual pancake recipes!

I know the idea of the 2 ingredient pancake isn’t new, but it is revolutionary and must be tried by everyone, so spread the word!


– x1 Banana

– x2 eggs


Peel and mash the banana to almost liquid consistency. And the two eggs and beat/whisk/mix.

Scoop a couple of spoonfuls into hot frying pan and fry each side until golden brown.


You can also add a range of other things to add more flavour and texture, but these are perfect as they are! I sometimes add oats and flax seed for extra fibre so that I don’t eat loads and loads (the fibre fills you right up!). I don’t add extra sugar as the banana adds all the sweetness you need.

Feel free to experiment, add whatever you like!

NOTE: These pancakes are not the same texture as ‘normal’ pancakes but are so yummy anyway! They can be paired with all the usual toppings for pancakes though 🙂

Hows Pancake Day for everyone?

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3 thoughts on “Happy Pancake Day – 2 Ingredient Pancakes!

  1. This sounds lovely, I’m definitely gonna try!

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