I guess I might have to do a post on Sushi as my blog is SushiSushiBento πŸ˜› I do make sushi a lot, and I love almost every type of sushi and sashimi that I have tried. The bf’s favourite though, is cucumber maki πŸ™‚


We had an amazing dinner, so much sushi! We had leftovers for two days of lunch! I don’t really think a recipe is needed here, as all I did was boil sushi rice, mix with sushi seasoning, place on nori sheets with cucumber and wrap πŸ™‚


These have to be my best maki yet. I used my new Sushi knife to cut them, as that’s the only knife I have that is sharp enough to cut nori.

What is your favourite sushi?

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5 thoughts on “Sushi

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  2. […] for todays Bento picture, here is my sushi bento from a few weeks back. It contains homemade sushi (cucumber maki), […]

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