Bento No.32



This bento was made with the super amounts of sushi that I rustled up 🙂


On the side though, we have a small pot of nuts and seeds, satsuma, grapes, choccy chip cookies and a mix of dried fruit (apple rings, dates and banana chips).


And for the main, 14 rolls of cucumber maki (this was for the bf!), cherry tomatoes, black olives and cubes of cheese. There is also a fish of soy sauce in there too.

Happy tummies all round 🙂

Who else is following the JustBento course at the moment? If anyone is looking to go into bento making, head over there for all the tips you’ll need!

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One thought on “Bento No.32

  1. […] for todays Bento picture, here is my sushi bento from a few weeks back. It contains homemade sushi (cucumber maki), sandwich ham, tomatoes and olives, satsuma and grapes […]

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