Feeling a bit of a smoothie day today…

I woke up this morning, and fancied a smoothie day. You know all this stuff about juice fasting, cleansing, blah blah blah. Well, I woke up and just wanted a smoothie. I wanted a smoothie for breakfast, a soups and smoothie for lunch, and a soup and smoothie for dinner. Call me crazy, but it’s better than craving choccy cake all day right?

So, this morning, after the dentist, I had a fruit smoothie that contained blueberries, blackberries, pomegranate juice and a couple of spoonfuls of plain soya yoghurt (have you tried that stuff?? It’s so good!). It was yummy 🙂

And for lunch, I bought a Pineapple, coconut and banana smoothie, which I had before my tomato and carrot soup. For dinner I will have the same soup, but with a raspberry, pomegranate (juice) and mango smoothie for desert.

Well now, that sounds tasty doesn’t it?

I think it will set my stomach up for a good fasting day tomorrow too 🙂

What’s your favourite flavour smoothie?

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One thought on “Feeling a bit of a smoothie day today…

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