Bento No.30

This is yesterdays Bento, as I’m on a smoothie/soup day today 🙂


I had anice quick salad with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, and radishes (they are all under there, the lettuce is hiding it), a silicon cupcake case of cheese, sesame seeds and sunflower seeds (to put on the salad before eating), a chocolate Hello Kitty (christmas stash) and a clementine and blueberries.



I’ve also been taking more snacks with me, as I do get peckish occasionally and I don’t want to keep reaching for the biscuits! The snack that accompanied this bento was sliced red pepper and ham wrapped dates.

I’m not usually a fan of dried dates or figs, but I tried them the other day with ham, and I loved them! Future snacks sorted!

Have you tried anything new lately that you’ve had a new found liking for?

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3 thoughts on “Bento No.30

  1. Lol what a creative bento and you snuck some chocolate in there 🙂 …

  2. […] pretty) and it included some yummy snacks!! The snacks were sliced veg (radishes and cucumber) with ham wrapped dates. I’ve definitely got more into dates. I don’t love them yet, but I do like them The […]

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