Intermittent Fasting Muses

Afternoon all. I thought I’d let you know whats on my mind…as it’s, well, on my mind 🙂

Today is a fasting day, and I have done things differently again. This lead me to thinking of any extra pointers I’d give someone that was going to start doing, or is already doing the 5:2 fasting diet:

Don’t try and limit yourself to as little as possible on the fast days (you can use all the 500/600 calories). You’ll get hungry, and grotty and may end up breaking the fast for no reason.

Listen to your body – If you are ill, and feel you need to eat something to get through the day, then fast tomorrow. Just don’t get used to saying that everyday!

– If you usually get really hungry on fasting days, try and evaluate what your eating and try to get “more for your money.” For example, I can have an egg, or two egg whites for breakfast (if I’m hungry), half a box of Passata (sieved tomato) with salt and pepper for lunch, and steamed veg and tuna or salmon for dinner. This sounds like a reasonable amount of food for a ‘fast’ day, but it totals at under the calorie limit for the day, bonus! I would’t try and survive on one pasta dish, or sandwich which would be on the limit for the day with only one meal. I will do a post on food ideas for fasting days soon.

Listen to your body – Again! On both fasting and non-fasting days, do not eat whatever is on the side/cupboard, or whatever is in the fast food joint, listen to how your body is feeling. So far this year, with the fasting, I have learnt that my stomach appreciates lighter meals, more vegetables, and less sugar. The fasting days have given me chance to ‘hear’ what my stomach says when I eat certain foods, helping me eat what makes me feel the best. That does not mean I always avoid the pizza ( I love the pizza!) or donuts (Krispy Kreme!), but I now do not over stuff myself on a regular basis.


So, I hope my thoughts have provided a little advice to someone 🙂 I feel better for sharing.

Bento and Fasting, what could be better?

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One thought on “Intermittent Fasting Muses

  1. Reblogged this on Lifestyle Changes: Healthy, beautiful and Thirty. and commented:
    I have recently had a whole number of health issues over the last 2 weeks. I am going to try this slowly like the original blogger stated she does. Stat with one day a week where I cut my calories and just eat healthy the rest. SushiSushiBento is worth reeading.

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