Bento No.27

Just a quick one. Using my Aladdin Bento Box today as I can reheat it at work 🙂


I have a simple mix of roasted potato and carrots with flaked salmon and tomatoes on top. I’d already had a nibble before I took the photo, so it looks a bit depleted.

I was sophisticated and used chopsticks with my lunch today 🙂 They help slow the pace of eating down and I also pay a lot more attention to my food than if I eat with a fork/spoon.

How do you like your vegetables? Roasted, sautéed, steamed, fried?

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One thought on “Bento No.27

  1. […] fish of soy sauce. I’m pretty sure on that day I also had soup (one half of my Aladdin bento box is hiding in the top left corner of the above picture), which I’m sure was a lot prettier […]

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