Bento No.21

I feel so much better for packing this size lunch today! I said yesterday that I feel bloated the day after a fast, so I took the steps to prevent that today and had a smaller lunch 😀 It was packed in my Hello Kitty lunchbox, which is almost half the size of the Sistema Lunch Cube.


Today for lunch, I had sushi rice, sprinkled with Japanese 7 spice, black sesame seeds and there is a small smear of wasabi on it too (soy sauce fish is next to the rice). I also had diced pan choi and sugar snap peas with taramasalata on top (bottom left), satsuma and grapes, with a few almonds tucked down the side. In the little green lidded box I had placed some treats for after lunch, which included a few pink smarties and a small sweetie bracelet.

Currently I do not feel bloated, even though I’ve had a couple of biscuits too!

Success I feel!

What things do you do to prevent or reduce bloating? (if you get it)

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One thought on “Bento No.21

  1. […] was so happy with yesterdays Bento and how perfect the portion size was for me after a fast, I decided to use the same portion size […]

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