Bento No.16

Holiday Season Leftovers 🙂


The main half contains Rivita crackers sandwiched with Marmite, radishes, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and grapes (notice the healthy eating? ;P). I love silicon cupcake cases, they are the best!


In the other half, there was a cheese platter 😀 A mixture of leftover cheeses from the holiday season, with Ritz snack crackers and bacon cheddar crackers. Then we have a little pot of sunflower seeds, 2 muffin halves (one half choc fudge and one half carrot cake), mini pack of love hearts and buttered malt loaf (in the foil).


Looks yummy doesn’t it? I love cheese, too too much 😛

Does anyone have any requests for anything that I can add to this blog? Such as Bento how to’s, more recipes, ideas for saving money on bentos?

I was thinking of maybe a Uni series, as I have a few friends that are at Uni and I bought a couple of them Sistema LunchCubes for Xmas 😀

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