Intermittent Fasting

Before Christmas, I began trying to get used to the idea of intermittent fasting. Yes, a lot of you may be thinking ‘fad diet’ and I wouldn’t blame you, if you haven’t read up on it. I am not a fan of fad diets, or any diet for that matter. What I care about is fitness and health. I know that what I put in my body affects how I feel, so I try to eat what makes my body and insides feel the best. I also love keeping fit and exercising as I know that the fitter my body is, the better I feel.

I wanted to look into fasting for while, but I was skeptical, and only used to the idea of fasting for Lent and other religious holidays. I also did not want to go without food at all, my body does not cope well without food, even for a day. So, I found out the few basic facts, and started to plan a possible trial of it prior to Christmas.

Here are the basic starting points for Intermittent Fasting:

1. Fast for 2 days out of 7 (5 normal days and 2 fasting a week)

2. For the two fast days, eat a quarter of your normal calories (so 500 for women, 600 for men)

3. Exercise as you would normally every day of the week

4. For the remaining 5 days of the week, eat as you usually would

For my Intermittent Fasting trial, I decided to try it 1 day a week, to see if I could cope with a full day of reduced calorie intake (once again, my body does not cope well without food).

Here was my ‘menu’ for those trial fasting days:

Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs

Lunch: Mug of miso soup (with wakame seaweed)

Dinner: Steamed vegetables with either salmon, or in miso soup (I love miso soup!)

Snacks: Mug of miso soup, raw veg (cucumber) and an emergency banana (if needed)

I’m not sure exactly the calories of the ‘menu’ but I know it is a greatly reduced amount of calories from my usual eating day.

Verdict: I completed 3 trial days, getting better each time. I am looking forward to continuing it this year and increasing the trial 1 day a week to 2 days a week.

I did not measure my weight over the period of trial days, as weight loss is not my aim, but here are a few pros (and cons as you can’t have one without the other) that I observed.


Did not feel bloated once on any of the trial days

I was still able to exercise (had the same amount of energy) whenever I wanted

I did not feel deprived of food during those days

I ate when I was hungry, not for the sake of it, on both the fasting days an the other days

One less lunch to pack!


I craved sweet things on fast days (fruit)

I’m the only one in my house that would do the fasting so on some of the fasting days, I would still have to cook for everyone else

I am now staring to do the intermittent fasting for the full 2 days a week. I will keep updating you all on my progress (only on how I am feeling – no weight loss goals), and let you know what I think of it 😀

Have you tried Intermittent fasting?

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12 thoughts on “Intermittent Fasting

  1. 8020sund says:

    Well done, I look forward to the following your progress! I have read a little about this “diet” and actually planned on watching a documentary about it on TV last night, but fell asleep;) I don’t think I could do it (at least not right now), but it is pretty interesting.

    • Thank you! I thought at the start that I wouldn’t be able to do it but after the first day, it seemed so much easier. i like the fact that I only have to worry about what I eat on 2 days of the week. I’m most interested on how it will affect my fitness and energy levels. I haven’t seen any programs on it, but there was someone on the bbc that did it in a research study.

  2. Good Job I just can’t do it I turn into a mad woman I have tried so bad but i just cant….

  3. veghotpot says:

    Ive heard quite a lot about this, from a health/ weight loss point of view it even showed that there was little difference between people who ate what they liked for the 5 non fasting days and people who continued to be very healthy. I think it’s interesting but again Im not sure I could cook for everyone and then not eat it myself. goodluck and look forward to seeing how it goes! x

    • Thank you! 🙂 I’m mainly doing it from a health point of view. I find it very easy to discipline myself for a short amount of time, but not a longer amount of time, that’s why trying to eat really healthy all the time hasn’t really worked for me. I don’t mind cooking for other people because I still eat at the same time as them on a fasting day, I just save some of their dinner for my lunch the next day. I’m on my second week of it, so I should be updating you all soon!

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