First Bento of 2013 (No.15)

I have a new luchbox!! 😀 I saw a it for a bargain £2.25 at my local supermarket! The bargain was so good, I got 4! (not all for myself – one for the bf and 2 for my friends).

Here is the Sistema Lunch Cube that I will be using for the majority of my Bento posts in the near future. I love it!

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First Bento of 2013! I had a lovely mixed salad with a silicon cup of herby salmon, which I mixed in to the salad before eating.


I apologise for the bad pictures :S I need to get better with them, and maybe even work out how to rotate pictures on my work computer…


In the other half of the Lunch Cube I had apple slices, a peeled satsuma, mixed nuts and raisins and a mix of cherry tomatoes and olives.

A nice healthy start to the year 🙂 If you ever see a Sistema brand LunchCube anywhere, get it! They are so good! I will do a formal review soon 🙂

Have you decided to make more of your own lunches this year? Or have you found an amazing lunchbox too??

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7 thoughts on “First Bento of 2013 (No.15)

  1. eclecticlamb says:

    I have a green Sistema I did see the clear ones in my grocery store this week (I am in New York State). It is a cute, compact box but I tend to use my Easy Lunch Boxes more often because I worry about flipping some of my lunches. But if I need something smaller for the day the Sistema is great.

    • I haven’t seen any coloured ones in any of the shops near me (Kent, UK). If I had, I would have the whole colour collection :O Im careful about packing things that aren’t likely to leak or have any issues if stored upside down. I’ve had lunches in this box a few times, it’s a perfect size for my lunch. I like it that it fits perfectly in my fabric/coolbag lunchbox too 😀 thank you for the comment 🙂

  2. kiisu23 says:

    Wow good find! Everywhere I see them they’re expensive 😦

  3. taishinana says:

    This looks all good 🙂

  4. […] I feel so much better for packing this size lunch today! I said yesterday that I feel bloated the day after a fast, so I took the steps to prevent that today and had a smaller lunch It was packed in my Hello Kitty lunchbox, which is almost half the size of the Sistema Lunch Cube. […]

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