Recap of goals

As Christmas has been and gone, it is only right that I recap on my Goals for Christmas!

1. Start up sessions with my personal trainer again – Done 😀 I have a PT session every week 🙂
2. Beat my current record for a 2K treadmill run – I wanted to beat 12 minutes, which I didn’t, but I have been getting better and better and my fastest time is now 13.37 🙂 If I keep it up, I’ll be below 12 minutes in no time 😉 (haha).
3. Continue with encouraging my close family to eat healthier – Both my family and I have been really good with eating healthy. The main thing I’ve found with encouraging people to eat healthier is portion size. I also have been making them eat more Quorn 😛 If I cook, I don’t really enjoy cooking meat, it takes too long 😦
4. Increase the amount of dinner and lunch prep I do – I did some, and I still used fresh stuff too! It is definitely something I will keep working on 🙂
5. Reach my savings goal – Definitely 😀 I’m so happy with my savings so far! I love un-openable pots! So easy to save when you can’t reach the stuff inside!
6. Make/bake most, if not all of people’s christmas presents this year – Ta da! Did so much baking, I almost ate solely biscuits and cakes over Christmas! They were so good though, shortbread, cupcakes, cookies, fudge (my mums), yummy!
7. Read more – Yes, and no. I got some cool books for Christmas – ones on cupcakes 🙂 allotments and gardening, and a Jamie Oliver Cookbook!!
8. Update my blog more frequently – What do you guys think?? I think (part from Christmas) I was bang on form 🙂 I am going to keep the posting up, and hope you guys like it 😀
9. Organise my room – I didn’t over Christmas, but last weekend, I tidied a whole half of my room! It’s so clutter free!!…Except the cluttered half 😛
10. Be optimistic – I’m better, but I could be better 😛 Ok, I’m amazing 😀 haha.
Did you reach your goals in 2012? And have you made any new goals for 2013??
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One thought on “Recap of goals

  1. […] is a picture of the presents all of my friends received for Christmas. I’m glad I managed to make nearly all of the Christmas gifts I gave, and I am particularly pleased that these ones tasted so […]

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