Bento No.10

Todays Bento is Christmas themed 😀

It is in a not-so-special microwavable box so I could have it warm 🙂 We need all things warm in this weather!! My little car said i was -7 out when I drove to work this morning 😦 I’m so wrapped up, I could be made of clothes, not made of person! Haha…yeah, so… Bento!!



Today I had Christmas shaped tricolour pasta with tomato and basil pasta sauce, mixed with black olives (which taste AMAZING hot :P). On the side there is sliced pak choi, yellow pepper and cheese (which melted because I didn’t eat it before I microwaved the pot :S oops!! Placed on top of the pasta is a Christmas tree cut-out from the leaf of the pak choi 🙂

It was so tasty!! And so filling and warm 🙂 I love warm lunches!

I’m so glad my local supermarket has pak choi too! I can’t wait to use it in a stir fry, or more bentos.

The Christmas tree cookie cutter that was used to cut out the pak choi leaf shape was not from my new treats because I didn’t want to open the pack and get one all dirty when my mum had one in the drawer. Yay!

Is anyone getting excited for Christmas? I am, sort of… I can’t wait for baking and christmas crafts, but I hate colds and sneezes and all the illnesses that accompany this chilly weather. Boo to colds!

Are you baking this Christmas? I’d love to know your favourite Christmas treats that you make/buy.

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