Bento improvisation!

I can’t really count this as a Bento post, as it is only a picture of a snack Bento that accompanied soup and cheese toasties, but it included an ingenious idea from moi!!

This snack Bento included sliced cucumber, cherry tomatoes, sliced Quorn sticky fillet and a ‘cup’ of nuts. Have you noticed the cool idea yet? Well, I was round the BF’s, so I had limited Bento equipment (limited to only the Bento boxes D: but I needed something to put some nuts in. Hence the ‘cup.’ It is actually an old scoop for his protein powder stuff, and it was just sitting in the cutlery drawer, just waiting for a new purpose. Ta Da! Works just as well, if not better, than a silicon cupcake case!!!

How do you like my idea? Do you use anything different in your bentos that has been re-purposed from something else??

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3 thoughts on “Bento improvisation!

  1. I have a similarly awesome repurposing use. I had, a long time ago when my ‘tween was just a baby, a scoop from an Oxyclean container – great for baby-related stains but not a product I need anymore… It’s exactly the right size for coffee in my 1-big-cup maker. I’ve used that bright green scoop every day for years.

    I think I posted a while back about a poutine (french fries with gravy and cheese – yay French Canadian cuisine!) container that my friend gave me leftovers in that I put a deelish quinoa salad into, on my blog.

  2. Yummy Pinch says:

    I have many 2-, 3- and 4-oz cointainers from when my baby was weaning (most are leakproof) that are brilliant for sauces, nuts or small bits of food. I bet most parents have some of those around the house too.
    Also, the play stacking cups are still being used (and will be for a few years still), but I have my eye on them already (if they survive).

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