Bento No.7

Leftover day!!!

I made a monster of a dinner last night, for the whole family.

I made sweet and sour veggie store fry, with home-made veggie sauce, veggie tikka with pumpkin, mix vegetable cous cous and quinoa. Yes, overload of veg, but that meant leftovers for lunch!!

I REALLY love vegetables 😀

Todays Bento includes leftover quinoa, cous cous (arranged in two stripes :P) leftover tikka (at the top) and leftover sweet and sour stir fry (below). I also steamed some pre-cooked chicken from the freezer to add to the mix 🙂 Not too colourful, as the sauces make it mostly the same colour, but there is a lot of variety in there!

This is the BF’s bento as I felt like I have over eaten every day so far this week, so I’m on miso soup and smoothies today, to give my stomach a break. I don’t mean over eating as in stuffing my face, I mean just eating more than I’m hungry for.

It’s been quite a while since my last bento, I do apologise. I hope you’ve enjoyed my posts in between 🙂

Do you use leftovers for your lunch the next day? Or do you freeze portions for when you are rushed for time?

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4 thoughts on “Bento No.7

  1. laurelstein27 says:

    If I thought ahead enough, I would use leftovers, and sometimes when there’s been a bigger meal I have some. Most of the time I end up starting fresh in the morning. I should start thinking about using leftovers more often though. :/

    • It does save so much time, but could get boring if you don’t like eating the same thing 2 days in a row. I try to pair leftovers up with something different to make it more interesting for lunch.

  2. we usually have freshly cook dinner, then my wife would save a little for her bento the day after tomorrow

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