Download 2013

I am going to Download Festival 2013.

I have booked my R.I.P. ticket (the small comforts!) I am going. Nothing and No-one will stop me.

Unless i grow a new gallbladder

The only time I have been to Download was 2008, and that was SO GOOD!


Yes, this year, I was all booked and ready to go, but then I got stuck in hospital, in Devon, the Sunday before Download, away from home, because of a stupid gall stone!!

I was in hospital for 4 days, had an X-ray, MRI and and ERCP (do not look up or click link if you are squeamish!!) and travelled home, ready to go to Download a day late, but ok with it, I’d still see the bands.

I didn’t go. I was soooo sick 😦 from the dye used in the ERCP and was in bed for another 4 days 😥

This year coming, with no gallbladder to stop me, I will go!

And it will be AWESOME!!


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